Redragon K631 Gery 65% Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard, 68 Keys Hot-Swappable Compact Mechanical Keyboard

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  1. Aaditya

    I have always loved mechanical keyboards. This is amazing, the design is stylish and its so easy to use. The click it makes while pressing is amazing.


  2. Jon Whipple

    Has all the features the much more expensive ones do at a fraction of the cost. RGB lighting is beautiful, key switches have the same feel and sound, keyboard is priced reasonably. I’ve got a few of this brand now and plan on continuing to come back to them!

    Jon Whipple

  3. Chris Beckemeyer

    I’ve had Redragon hardware in the past (a few computer mice, a mic, and a keyboard) but this keyboard is by far my favorite out of anything I’ve had so far. It’s compact and light and the backlighting options are all well designed. I love how it comes with an extra set of keycaps for more customization (all white/all grey options) and the tool to take off the keycaps. It feels great pressing these keys, they’re quiet and very responsive. This keyboard doesn’t feel cheap at all and it’s great for any PC user, gamer or not. Immediately used this in an FPS game and loved every second of it. Would definitely recommend!

    Chris Beckemeyer

  4. Dimitri Payne

    Great for a primary or secondary keyboard. Lights are amazing and keys response are crazy!! Playing a game of apex will show yu how responsive they are

    Dimitri Payne

  5. Dawn S

    This keyboard is comfortable and great for gaming, but a big issue is that the buttons are supposed to light up and flash and it doesn’t do any of that.

    Dawn S

  6. Jaime

    I received this keyboard free for review and I must say it has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. This mechanical keyboard has become an integral part of my gaming setup, and I couldn’t be happier with its performance and features. The build quality of the Redragon K628 is exceptional. The keyboard feels sturdy and durable, and its compact design allows for comfortable long gaming sessions without straining my wrists. The keys are well-spaced and provide just the right amount of tactile feedback, making it a pleasure to type and game on. Overall, I highly recommend the Redragon K628 gaming keyboard to any gamer looking for a reliable, feature-packed, and affordable option.


  7. Gosig Marsvin

    Finally a affordable keyboard with a numpad. My wife was looking for one that would fit under her monitor stand and also have a numpad. It has a nice sound that could use improvement, which this excels at. It’s not too hard to take it apart, being that the keys are hot-swappable, and the baseplate is easy to remove to add foam or any crazy deadening DIY stuff.

    Gosig Marsvin

  8. Daniel

    The keyboard is very comfortable compared to others. I have it with the red switch and I like the sound that each key makes. I use it 90% in my office at work and nobody bothers the sound, the other 10% I use it for games and the truth is that I am still not used to play with a mechanical keyboard; maybe this is because all my life I have played with the same keyboard and that is why it is difficult for me to get used to it.
    However, I totally recommend it for both functions, either to do some kind of work or to play, I have had friends who tell me that it is very comfortable for video games.
    Finally, the plus that Redragon gives are the accessories apart, it gives you stickers, the tools to remove the keys and switches, spare keys and spare switches. Excellent investment.


  9. Yong

    I am becoming more and more of a fan of Redragon products. It just seems like such good quality for the price range. You don’t have to spend a ton of money for a good mechanical keyboard that’s going to be 2 or 3 times the amount of a Redragon because it’s almost just as great. RBG on the keyboard where you can cycle through the modes or dim it to the point of turning it off. You can also choose which way the lights are flowing(left or right). It comes with extra switches since it’s hot-swappable and it even comes with an entire extra set of keys so you can mix the match the gray and the white. Also, keep in mind that the light does shine through all keys but it does not shine through the function on each key. That might be a problem for some.

    Overall, it feels like a great keyboard and I love the 65% as I’m trying out for more mouse space on my desk. It’s also just a clean and simple look that I love. I definitely recommend this keyboard!


  10. Qazi

    This is a great 75% mechanical keyboard. It has different styles of backlight and brightness can be set on different levels and patterns. It has hot swappable keys and support RGB backlights. So far I find it to be a good gaming keyboard.


  11. Hill

    The keyboard is phenomenal and it it’s so silent the RGB is great a foot budget keyboard 100% recommend!


  12. Lacie Conner

    I will admit it. I am one of those people that hoard and collect keyboards. I do content creation and I do a lot of a gaming – so keyboard are one of those things that I like to know a bit about. One of the things I look for is affordability because I also am a teacher so my budget isn’t that great either. Redragon is a good brand for beginner keyboards if you are looking for a nice affordable mechanical keyboard.

    This particular one is a condensed version (~60%) so do not think it is one that is a full size. It is hot swappable which is nice, but the switches that are on them are a good quality (they are a bit loud for tactile). They form of the keys are also great as well. I like how this particular keyboard is plug and play because I didn’t want to have to wait to install more drivers to get it to use on my computer. However, the downside of that is that the RGB is not customizable for the most part.

    I would say this keyboard is great for those who just need a good working gaming keyboard without all the bells and whistles. The latency isn’t an issue and I didn’t need to lube the switches right away. So this is great for the games that I play at least.

    Lacie Conner

  13. Emanuel

    Don’t have anything bad to say about this keyboard, everything is amazing about it. The size is perfect, the footprint is as little as it can get for a keyboard in this configuration and also is really light compared to others. The switches are linear and feel extremely soft to actuate and the sound they make in this particular keyboard is 30% quieter than others using the same switches and I believe it’s because of the keyboard materials. Plug&Play USB-C, comes with extra switches and cord of generous size. Just keep in mind the main focus of this keyboard is gaming, for other uses you might need a different configuration with more keys to have a better experience. Also the RGBs look just beautiful and they come with really cool modes you can directly change from the keyboard. Overall my experience have been great and I really recommend it!


  14. Italo Ibarra


    Italo Ibarra

  15. Vanndaley

    My son was in need f a new gaming keyboard as the numbers on his old keyboard has completely worn off. I figured it was time for a keyboard with swappable keys so I got him this as a graduation gift. He loves this keyboard and says it is very easy to use and connect to his gaming laptop. It is also pretty. This is his first mechanical keyboard, so we’ll see what he thinks after using this one for a while. First impressions are very positive.


  16. Ben C

    This Compact Mechanical Keyboard with its 100% Hot-Swap Socket has been a game-changer for customization. The hot-swappable keys offer the flexibility to tailor my keyboard to my preferences, allowing me to experiment with different switches easily. The compact size is perfect for my smaller desk setup, maximizing the available real estate. However, the integration of the 10 key and QWERTY layout isn’t as distinct as I’d prefer, leading to occasional mistypes. Despite this minor setback, the keyboard’s overall performance and customizability have made it a valuable addition to my setup, enhancing my typing experience with smooth and responsive switches.

    Ben C

  17. Brittney Bravo

    Cool keyboard my kids like it. Its very fun in color and the keys are nicely made.

    Brittney Bravo

  18. Cristian C

    I build custom keyboards for fun usually ranging anywhere from $300-$500 and I have to say, when I received this keyboard and opened it, I was shocked on how much I am liking it. It won’t compare to a high end board, but for this price, it is extremely good for a budget build or building a PC for a young kid to start with. Keys feel good and don’t feel like they need more lubing. The keyboard is plastic so naturally there will be a lot of flex. RGB is good, which kids will love. Again for this price, it’s a great budget keyboard. I would highly recommend.

    Cristian C

  19. David Gilmour

    Works great. Buttons feel very nice. RGB looks great. I’m personally a numpad person, but even without this is a great keyboard.

    David Gilmour

  20. Katie W

    I’ve been back and forth with keyboards for the last like, 6 months. I’ve gotten expensive ones from razer and Logitech and fnatic and honestly, I’ve liked this one the best.

    It’s smaller than a normal sized one, still has a numpad and arrow keys. It’s hot swappable, uses any keycaps I want and it lights up like Christmas. The more known brands I had couldn’t swap switches and one I couldn’t swap caps. While this one is strictly wired, I’d still go with this one over any other in a heartbeat.

    Customizable lights via software, swappable switches and key caps have won me over. Placement on the USB cable also won me over. It’s closest to my PC and it’s out of my way. Love it.


    Katie W

  21. Marsha



  22. Jonathan E. Vega


    Jonathan E. Vega

  23. Ryan King

    Took way to long

    Ryan King

  24. Siddharth Kumar Singh

    The keyboard makes spring sound every time I type.

    Siddharth Kumar Singh

  25. Mary Joe

    Nice Keyboard!

    Mary Joe

  26. Idy Jane

    I absolutely love my key board. I love that it comes with extra keys and switches! I’m new to PC gaming and this was a perfect choice for me

    Idy Jane

  27. Angelica

    It works! Also redkeys!


  28. Nick Jason Pino Sánchez

    Teclas comodas, gran brillo RGB y los efectos muy buenos. el tamaño perfecto para escritorios pequeños y un buen precio sobre todo

    Nick Jason Pino Sánchez

  29. Helen G

    I don’t know anything about keyboards, but I’d say it’s a pretty good keyboard for its price. It has an ok click and I like the curve in the key caps. Id just say that the key caps feel a bit cheap, but I was already going to get new ones. And for some reason, there’s a very slight metallic sound whenever I press any of the keys. It’s a slightly irritating, but I don’t notice it as I’m playing or when sounds are playing.

    I don’t have a lot to say because I have no basis on what makes a keyboard good, but I’d say it’s pretty good and serves its purpose.

    Helen G

  30. J Han48

    Overall I’m very happy with the keyboard for the price point. Layout is what I wanted. RGB controls are very nice, and the keyboard itself looks great. However if the most important thing to you is your mechanical keyboards sound this one may not be for you. Comes across as kind of dull, and almost rubbery or sticky sounding with the keys. Other than that it’s been perfect

    J Han48

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