Foam Cutter Pro Electric Hot Knife, BSHAPPLUS 110V / 240W Styrofoam Cutting Tool Kit with Intelligent Chips & 5S Fast Heating & Powerful Cooling System for Carving, Handcraft, DIY Projects

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1.It’s recommended to stop it and cool it down for 20 seconds after 60 seconds of continuous use. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.


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1.【5S Heat Up – No Long Wait】With a power output of over 240W, this electric hot knife foam cutter can rapidly heat up within 5 seconds, no need to wait more time! The copper blade holder provides excellent heat conductivity, and the 240W output power makes the blade reach the desired temperature, speed up your cutting efficiency! 2.【Built-in Chip – Automatic Temperature Adjustment】Comes with a temperature control dial that allows you to adjust the temperature. The built-in chip helps the hot knife foam cutter automatically identify the blade and achieve the best use of power, thereby improving your efficiency. It can be easily set to optimize the cutting performance for different material. A wide range of adjustments can meet your needs and enable you to tackle more jobs. 3.【Quickly Cooling System】Advanced heat dissipation system, along with ventilation holes design, protects your hands from being burned, helps the machine dissipate heat faster and prolongs the service life of the fuselage at the same time. The temperature protection system automatically activates to prevent overheating when the cutter exceeds a certain temperature. 4.【More Smooth Cutting】Under the 240W output power, hot knife foam cutter gives you a smooth and fast cutting like cutting butter! It cuts the edges cleanly and leave no debris! You can cut the foam board from any angle and create shapes in your desired shape, meanwhile, it can help you speed up your cutting efficiency! 5.【More Wide Range】BSHAPPLUS Electric Heating Knife Foam Cutting Machine suitable for commercial & industrial use & cut more materials, including medium and low-density foam, nylon rope, and nylon straps. This feature makes it a versatile tool for professionals in various industries. 6.【Maintenance Suggestion】1)Hot knife foam cutter must be used at 110V voltage; 2) It’s recommended to stop it and cool it down for 20 seconds after 60 seconds of continuous use. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.


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  1. Richard P

    Works as advertised

    Richard P

  2. Dennis Katallo

    I am in the business of making industrial models and this suits my needs perfectly.

    Dennis Katallo

  3. Joe

    multiple tools for what it was needed for.


  4. Ambular

    This item works well and was shipped in a quick manner.


  5. Nova

    The foam cutter comes with 3 accessories to use. I could only use one accessory because I could not unplugged out after the first use.


  6. Beverly Waller

    I didn’t like that it stopped working

    Beverly Waller

  7. R Edwards

    Good value

    R Edwards

  8. Rebecca Weaver

    This product has made my floral crafting so easy. it cuts the floral foam so easy. easy to use and no messy from cutting foam. i highly recommend this product.

    Rebecca Weaver

  9. Kevin

    Works for my purpose, cutting ribbon with wish bone attachment. I used the straight cutting head and the plastic around the rod started to melt when it was hung upside down…heat rises. It did not seem to melt if I place it upwards….heat rises.


  10. James A Botelho

    It’s kind of cheaply made but it’ll work with lighter types of foam. The thicker rods got clogged and were useless when I tried to cut a denser foam.

    James A Botelho

  11. Erika Peréz

    Bueno y rápido

    Erika Peréz

  12. Rod Kujala

    The foam cutter is easy to use and get great results. The package comes with everything you need, including a felt tip pen for marking the foam. I cut out Styrofoam mountains to use with our Christmas village, it was quick and easy with excellent results. I highly recommend this product.

    Rod Kujala

  13. Rosetta Ingram

    Easy to assemble and use. Perfect to cut foam boards for projects but be sure to keep hot wire clean from build up or it will stop heating. Just wipe off with clean cloth.

    Rosetta Ingram

  14. Axel

    I strongly recommend this product. It’s really easy to use. Let’s start quickly


  15. Jake

    Works pretty well for cutting foam board. After an hour or so of use the long straight attachment stopped heating but i was able to use the smaller one to finish my job. It worked great while it worked but is cheaply made and I didnt expect a long service life. For this price if I have to buy one for each project it’s still worth it.


  16. Randy Rollheiser

    I’ve only used this for a few hours but works well so far on EPS 2″ thick styrofoam. Heats up in seconds and cools down quickly. I’ve mostly used the thin wire attachment while using 400 grit sandpaper to clean off residue left on the element. The thick wand attachments cut thru slower and make more smoke than the wire. Definitely cuts down on the mess and is a much cleaner process than using saws or blades.

    Randy Rollheiser

  17. David Toole

    It’s almost too easy.

    David Toole

  18. Darrell

    Great little kit however, the shipper failed to seal the shipping box and the cleaning tool was missing from my kit. Good product, bad shipper.


  19. Noah

    perfect product..


  20. Nathan

    I have had it for almost 3 months now. Love it. Works great, over and over and over. Shipping packaging was also very protective. Good job


  21. Brandi Tarner

    It’s great and works well, cheaper option than Hot Wore Foam Factory for sure! But, the tools and attachments won’t always work. The spear attachment never worked, and I didn’t try using that piece until it was past the return window. Test all the attachments. The wire attachment and loop attachment, chef’s kiss.

    Brandi Tarner

  22. Andre Abdul-Raheem

    I used it for cutting large pieces or styrofoam.

    Andre Abdul-Raheem

  23. William neff

    Works good

    William neff

  24. Dan

    It takes a bit of practice to achieve your desired shapes; however I’m not an artist and a more creative person will be able to accomplish a useful design quicker than I can. Caution around children.


  25. Neil Forrester

    I bought this originally for my dewalt foam inserts to cut out areas for the batteries and what not. The wire hot cutter is great for slimming foam down, but has it limitations on cutting deep foam. It does the job, but this really shines with the thin foam board for crafts!

    Neil Forrester

  26. J A

    Good hot wire foam cutter for the price. Would be nice to adjust temperature. The cutting tool holder is pretty cheap, but luckily the wire cools down quickly. I haven’t used any of the accessories yet.

    J A

  27. Melanie Ann Schaeffer

    Very easy to use. Why didn’t I buy one sooner. I struggled with those serrated knives and never had a straight cut. This cuter is quick and makes it easy to keep a straight line. I use it primarily for 5” high density foam. Well worth the buy.

    Melanie Ann Schaeffer

  28. John Knight

    Easy to use and perfect. The foam cutter heats up instantly and gets red hot immediately. It slices through foam as if it’s not even there. It gets so hot that no foam is left on the wire so there is no clean up necessary. Once you turn off the cutter it gets cold quickly and you can put it away a few moments later. It is better to use on insulation foam than styrofoam since the latter isn’t the best material for the cutter.

    John Knight

  29. Chris R.

    Good price and works well.

    Chris R.

  30. Hunter

    As described. This product can be used for many years. Good customer service.


  31. T B

    Great product. Quick ship and all that.

    T B

  32. M Williams

    I made some scenery for my Nativity village. Easy to use, works fine. Just take your time and let the heated wire do the cutting. Made a synagogue and a stand for the Wisemen.

    M Williams

  33. Rob C

    Just a note that if the user tries to force the thin wire faster than it is designed to melt through plastic or too hard of plastic, they will probably break the wire. I have used this a number of times and no wire breakage. I bought this for work. I recommend this product and I’m thinking of buying one for home use.

    Rob C

  34. Marla Oyer

    Cuts through foam easily & love the extra parts it came w/. Bought one similar from Hobby Lobby & it didn’t have as many attachments. One from hobby lobby also had a thinner poor quality wire that broke easily. This model from Tarchim seems to be better quality, not as flimsy as Hobby Lobby, and has a thicker wire that cuts easily w/ out breaking as much. Love the attachment to make circular cuts. Only downside is this one seems to get a lot hotter so I have to watch material being cut that it’s not burning it. Thumbs up for sure though.

    Marla Oyer

  35. Karen Harrah

    This works great. Good price

    Karen Harrah

  36. Sarah T

    I did not use this to cut foam. I used this to cut PET weaved tubing to cover/protect wiring.

    It worked amazingly well…though I would say this is more delicate a cutter than I expected. However, it did suit my purpose and price was a bargain.

    Sarah T

  37. Cynthia Iglesias

    This tool made my whole project so much faster. It was my first time working with foam so I decided to get this tool and it was worth every penny. It’s fast and it works. It take 3 seconds for the tool to get hot and it cuts like butter. Worth it for sure!

    Cynthia Iglesias

  38. Mike Weaver

    I got the cutting wires gunked up with stuff. Turns out it was easy to clean: Safety first: use gloves, heat up the wire and wipe with a wet rag or folded paper towel. Makes working with foam, the kind popcorn foam is make from, loads easier, IF you use that stuff.

    Mike Weaver

  39. Carol J R

    I use styrofoam as the base for my Christmas Village so I had lots to cut. In the past I used a box cutter or an electric carving knife but it left a big mess and was difficult and time consuming to cut precisely. With this I can cut the foam quickly and easily. The cutter gets very hot so you must be careful but it cools down quickly when you turn it off. I was able to make precise and creative cuts for my village. The different heads work well for the different ways I needed to make cuts.

    If you will be working with styrofoam or other types of not too dense foam this is great.

    Carol J R

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