Cordless Handheld Vacuum UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus, with XL Dust Cup, in Black

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From the manufacturer

Signature Shark innovations.

Ultra-Powerful Suction

Two ultra-powerful cyclonic air streams for incredible suction and long-lasting filter and motor life.

CleanTouch Dirt Eject

Easily empty the dust cup without ever touching the mess.

Lithium-ion Power

Lithium-ion battery technology ensures reliable power and performance.

Versatile and convenient.

Take it anywhere

Its compact size and great battery life make it easy to bring Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ everywhere messes occur.


Easy to handle and ultra-maneuverable, the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro is ideal for cleaning your home, office, boat, or car.

Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush

An innovative brushroll removes hair wrap as it cleans for a powerful pet vacuum experience.

Ultra-powerful suction. Long-lasting performance.

The Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ fuses two cyclonic air streams to create ultimate suction power in a handheld pet vacuum. A self-cleaning brushroll attachment delivers incredible pet hair pickup with no hair wrap.

Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ cordless handheld vacuum (CH951) Shark UltraCyclone Pro cordless handheld vacuum (CH901) Shark Rocket Hand Vac (HV292) Shark Rocket Hand Vac (WV201) Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vac (SV780)
Self-cleaning brushroll
Product weight (lbs.) 2.8 2.2 3.7 1.4 4.4
Wattage 80 65 400 115 122
Amps 8 9 3.4 10.6 7.8
Cord length (ft.) N/A N/A 15 N/A N/A
Dust cup capacity (quarts) 0.45 0.45 0.31 0.08 0.56
Filter type Fabric Filter Fabric Filter Washable Foam Filter Fabric Filter Foam and Felt

Product Description

The Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ is a cordless handheld vacuum designed for powerful suction and long-lasting motor life. Enjoy incredible power and performance with a motorized self-cleaning Pet Power Brush that eliminates hair wrap on the brushroll, a lithium-ion battery, a no-mess CleanTouch dirt ejector, washable filter, an XL dust cup, and more, at only 2.8 lbs. Dock is additional accessory and is not included in the box.

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  1. Jonathan

    It works ok, lasts a decent amount of time on a charge but it doesn’t have enough power. Will work for minor cleaning but forget a dirty carpet.


  2. Hamaad

    This is a great handheld vaccum but it’s missing things to make it better. A stand would be nice to actually dedicate a charging space for it since it drains so quickly. I also am not a fan of how easily longer hairs get clogged in the dustbin, but overall this does the job of a handheld vacuum from picking up pet hairs in previous difficult places like the velvet sofas we have. I’m giving it a 4 just because it’s made things a bit easier.


  3. Richard

    Love this product; very handy for small jobs. I’ve used it frequently but it needs a longer battery life. I had ordered another in series that never came and was refunded by Tarchim. I’d purchase again but just understand you may have to recharge for a bit for larger jobs.


  4. Sharon West

    I like this well enough to keep it since I mostly use it to clean up cat food that my kitties scatter about. It is very very lightweight which makes it not feel very substantial. What you gain in convenience (it is cordless) I feel you do give up in suction (vs the corded model). I am not sure how long it runs for as I use it for quick clean up and then back to the charger. Easy to clean dustbin. Sleek and nice looking.

    Sharon West

  5. Amanda C

    I had a hand held vacuum for years and it finally broke. I decided to buy the shark as I have heard such great things about their vacuums. I purchased this hand held specifically to clean dog hair off my couch (multiple) and stairs.

    I also use it to help clean out the lint from my dryer.

    The vacuum has good suction and it so light weight. it fits great into my dryer lint slot in order to get out any extra lint from the clothes. This helps to minimize the vent getting clogged too often.

    I would definitely recommend this product.

    Amanda C

  6. Eham

    We bought this for those jobs that you don’t really want to pull a vacuum out for. This thing is awesome! It’s got great suction, a few head attachments, and last quite a while on a charge. my wife loves it, so I’m happy too lol


  7. Lavi

    I’m only docking a star because I bought this “slightly used” and it runs great, looks great, but it smells. Whoever owned this last did not shower, did not know what a shower was, and I hope they never contributed to a potluck because the filter smelled so bad whenever I would use it. I washed it. I washed the dust container separately. Still smelled so bad. I finally poured some essential oil on the filter and now I can vacuum with a pleasant smell. Vacuum works great so far. Good aray of attachments.


  8. Michael T

    I have had this vacuum for two years. We have 500 Sq ft, and this is our main vacuum. I use this every single day, multiple times a day. I change the filter about every season. It still holds a charge and sucks up cat hair off of my suede couch just as well as the day I bought it. Our other vacuum is huge and a pain to maneuver in our tiny space. So much stress in my life has been reduced since purchasing the Shark. Cat slept on the couch? 30 second clean up. Litter on the floor? 30 second clean up. Cat tracked in pine needles? 30 second clean up. This is the best vacuum. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s super beat up and used, and still working great!

    Michael T

  9. Kevin Bracher

    the power head works great for pet hair As far as dirt on a hard floor works great. I have found. the fin design is working on my floors and couch . But the old brush system works better, my opinion. this thing has lots of sucking power , works great for me and I give it 5 stars.

    Kevin Bracher

  10. Shipra K

    No complaints. We just use it for little jobs. Very good suction. Holds its charge but again, we only use it for little jobs. Easy to empty. Easy to handle. Comes with all the “necessary” tools.

    Shipra K

  11. Blind Guy

    So this thing works ok. My wife loves it. The battery life is not as good as I expected. It lasts around 45 minutes. It takes a while to charge up as well. The suction is ok, but not impressive. I would personally rather use my big vacuum. However it is nice for small messes such as coffee grinds, salt, sugar. Much easier than getting out the big one. The cordless deal is nice for that. But if it is alot to deal with I prefer the big one which is a shark as well.

    Blind Guy

  12. Patrick J

    The Shark Pet hand vacuum works great for me, and is ideal for sucking up wads of Golden Retriever hair from corners & various hiding places where these tumbleweeds manage to get under & behind. I also use it to vacuum the inside bottom of my kitchen cabinets where dust & dirt manage to somehow get, and under & around my computer/desk area where I can’t get a regular vacuum into.
    The battery so far has lasted just fine; I don’t expect to do hours-long cleaning with it, I use it for a couple of minutes at a time in small areas. It charges quickly and I appreciate that it’s USB-C .
    I don’t have carpet or fabric furniture (because I would indeed have FURniture), so I can’t say how well the pet hair attachment works – I use it with the crevice or no attachment.
    It’s easy to empty and remove the dust cup and shake it out.
    Overall, a very handy tool for pet owners, imo.

    Patrick J

  13. J333

    It’s very effective using the open brush for sucking up hay and poo. I used it 2x and had to charge it again though and I did the full charge both times where the light stops blinking. Probably used it 15 min each time before having to charge it total of 30 minutes. It is super easy to clean. I had a diff brand hand vacuum that was hard to clean and the poo would get stuck in the opening and ruined it and smelled bad. This one doesn’t do that. No odor and nothing stuck. If hay gets stuck inside it’s easy to empty tapping it against the trash or pulling out long hay.


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