EcoFlow Portable Power Station DELTA 1000, Solar Generator, 1008Wh Capacity,1600W AC Output for Outdoor Camping,Home Backup,Emergency,RV


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【Multiple Charging Outputs&Big Capacity】DELTA 1000 features 6* AC PURE

SINE WAVE outlet (100V-120V 1600W 3100W Peak), 2*USB-C port, 2* USB-A ports,

2*USB-A fast charge and 1* standard DC 13.6V port , power your smartphone,

laptop, camera, drones, in-car appliances, CPAP machine, refrigerator, blender and

more at anytime without worry.

【X-Stream Charging + Solar】 Fast charging power generator that hits 80% in

under 1hr. Or, use it as a solar generator for clean solar charging and get up to 400W

input with MPPT optimization.

【Safety First】 -A portable power station with rugged design and BMS protection to

keep you safe. Monitor voltage, current, short circuit and temp in real time.

【High Performance and Handy Power Source】DELTA 1000 is a portable power

station with 1008 Wh,which to meet different kinds of electricity demands outdoor

usage for home, travel, camping, backseat on long road trips.


Dimensions 15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6in
Capacity 008Wh 50.4V
Certification cTUVus FCC

Output Ports

AC (x6)  Pure Sine Wave, 1600W total (surge 3100W), 120V~ 60Hz
USB-A (x2) 5V 2.4A 12W max, per port
USB-A Fast Charge (x2) 5V 2.4A 9V 2A 12V 1.5A 18W Max, per port
USB-C (x2) 5/9/12/15/20V 3A 60W max, per port
Car Charger 13.6V 8A, 108.8W max

Input Ports:

AC Charge X-Stream Fast Charge 1000W max
AC Input Voltage 100-120V~ 50Hz/60Hz
Solar Charger 10-65V 10A, 400W max
Car Charger Supports 12V/24V Battery, 8A

Battery Info

Cell Chemistry NCM
Shelf Life 1 year (after a full charge)
Cycle Life 500 cycles to 80%+ capacity
Protection Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection

Environmental Operating Temperature

Optimal Operating Temperature 68°F to 86°F
Discharge Temperature -4°F to 113°F
Charge Temperature 32°F to 113°F
Storage Temperature -4°F to 113°F(optimal 68°F to 86°F)

* Whether the product can be charged or discharged depends on the actual temperature of the battery pack.


1. Do not use the product near a heat source, such as a fire source or a heating furnace.

  1. Avoid contact with any liquid. Do not immerse the product in water or get it wet. Do not use the

product in rain or humid environments.

  1. Do not use the product in an environment with strong static electricity/magnetic fields.
  2. Do not disassemble the product in any way or pierce the product with sharp objects.
  3. Avoid using wires or other metal objects that may result in a short circuit.
  4. Do not use unofficial components or accessories. If you need to replace any components or

accessories, please visit official EcoFlow channels to check relevant information.

  1. When using the product, please strictly follow the operating environment temperature specified in

this user manual. If the temperature is too high, it may result in a fire or explosion; if the temperature

is too low, the product performance may be severely reduced, or the product may cease to work.

  1. Do not stack any heavy objects on the product.
  2. Do not lock the fan forcibly during use or place the product in an unventilated or dusty area.
  3. Please avoid impact, falls, or severe vibrations when using the product. In case of a severe external

impact, turn off the power supply immediately and stop using the product. Ensure the product is

well fastened during transportation to avoid vibrations and impacts.

  1. If you accidentally drop the product into water during use, please place it in a safe open area, and

stay away from it until it is completely dry. The dried product should not be used again, and should

be properly disposed of according to Section 2.2 below. If the product catches fire, we recommend

that you use the fire extinguishers in the following order: water or water mist, sand, fire blanket, dry

powder, and finally a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

  1. Use a dry cloth to clean off dirt on the product ports.
  2. Rest the product on a flat surface to avoid damages caused by the product falling over. If the

product is overturned and severely damaged, turn it off immediately, place the battery in an open

area, keep it away from combustible matter and people, and dispose of it in accordance with local

laws and regulations.

  1. Ensure that the product is kept out of reach of children and pets. X

Package Included:

1 X  delta 1000 1008wh portable power station,
1 X  AC plug,
1 X  car charging line,
1 X  MC four  to XT60 solar panel line),
1 X  delta 1000 package,
1 X  User Guide


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