Portable Dryer 1500W-67 Inch Clothes Dryer,Foldable 3-Tier Electric Clothes Drying Rack,Portable Clothes Dryer

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  1. Jiagui Allen

    Works well for what it is. Cover is a little thin in a few spots and we did have to sew it because the way we used it.

    Jiagui Allen

  2. Debra

    The assembly instructions could be better if you don’t assemble it correctly when you try to move it out folds up when you try to move it
    Other then that I think it is great


  3. Brianna

    Does take longer than a dryer but considering there’s no belts, motors, fans and venting system to deal with my hubby says he’d actually rather just buy another one of these than a new dryer.


  4. Barbara Jackson

    Love the dryer, it really does a surprisingly good job. The only thing I would change, or add, is a clothesline. I made my own that will work until I make better ones. Some of my little socks and gloves and ball caps need to hang differently. We are full time RVers, so it works great for us.

    Barbara Jackson

  5. Lajoi Turner

    The product in the picture is not what you will receive BUT what you receive can be used for the exact same purpose.

    Lajoi Turner

  6. Jenny Ison

    I love this product I’ve had it for 10 months but it stopped blowing hot air and I noticed was melted but they are supposed to send me a new one ❤️❤️

    Jenny Ison

  7. Ladie L.

    Let me tell you!! My dryer decided to stop working and it’s digital and not old so you understand I’m pissed but however I don’t go to no laundry mats!! I seen this and ordered right away! IM NOT DISAPPOINTED!! I fill this thing up I use hangers and clothes pins for my clothes and throw in a couple dryer sheets and it smells so good. If this is something you need I say get it cause I will still use it after I buy a new dryer for like my sneakers and coats etc.. highly recommended!!

    Ladie L.

  8. Bobbi

    First time using today. It dried towels and other pieces very quickly- less than an hour. It was easy to set up even tho the directions were not very clear. It is very bulky even folded up. It probably will not fit in most closets. But, if it keeps me from gathering quarters for laundry and works for at least a year, it will have paid for it’s self!


  9. Alexander Dingman

    I do like this product, but after several months, the machine below it stopped blowing out warm air and started blowing out cold air and my clothes were not drying.

    Alexander Dingman

  10. Lourdes

    Seca bien pero tarda aproximadamente 3 horas • Hay que tener cuidado al armarlo a mi se me rompió cuando trate de poner la ultima rueda pero lo pegué. A pesar de tener rueda es muy débil para moverlo de lugar.


  11. Moniz Small

    This is very useful but is big so the dryer don’t push out enough air. And the dryer made… doesn’t help the flow of heat…so it take longer! Nice space in the dryer. I also think the extended piece to hang the hangers she be snap on snap off. Or connect to the rails. More powerful dryer needed because of the size

    Moniz Small

  12. Renata

    I first purchased this dryer almost ago to replace an old standard dryer that no longer worked. I had great results with it for the first few months until the original dryer stopped working in January of this year. I contacted customer service and let them know what happened. They let me know that they would send me a brand new dryer unit and within two days THEY DID! I was so thankful because now I had a dryer to dry my clothes again. Hopefully I will have a better experience with the replacement dryer, I haven’t had any issues so far. Kasydoff gets an A+ on customer service alone! Keep up the great work!


  13. Margaret

    As with any time you hang clothes to dry, you really must make sure you shake all wrinkles out before hanging clothes in this dryer. I think the description says the wrinkles fall out, but they don’t. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my purchase. Most loads can be dried with an hour and a half to two hours. This dryer does minimal damage to clothes, and I even use it to dry my workout clothes if I am in a rush and can’t put them on the air dry rack. One of few drawbacks is the size. I can fit maybe 4 shirts and 1 or 2 pairs of pants into the dryer at a time.


  14. Patricia Jibben

    This works really well. I wish it had a fan only feature so I could air dry my sweaters but otherwise it is great. It doe take a lot of extra time to load up and unload it but when you have limited options this is the best solution.

    Patricia Jibben

  15. Danielle

    I do not hate it but no entirely in love. I like that it has wheels and was very easy to install but I do feel it could be a little warmer it does take a while to dry the clothes even if they are only slightly damp when added because the heat does not reach top of tent very well. I think it could of had more sections so I could put items closer to heater. Overall, I will continue to use it.


  16. Melanine

    For dorm, apartment, easy to assemble. No more laundromat if you have a portable washing machine and this as dryer you good to go. It dries up to 3 hrs but let me tell you bunch of clothes in 2hrs and bedsheets in 1hr. undies, socks 30min that’s all. I recommend this


  17. Karla

    Me gusta mucho pues ahora tengo para secar mi ropa delicada cuando vamos de viaje con mi familia


  18. Teresa

    I bought this for my RV camper. It is perfect size. Delivered fast. Arrived in great condition. Looks just like showed. Works great!


  19. Soff

    We love our portable dryer!
    Works very effectively.
    Holds lots of clothes.
    Very easy to set up and take down.
    The carrying case is very convenient.


  20. Lepkicha Adams

    Hello so I bought thus dryer and it was wonderful but it stop working after three weeks of having it. I was able to return the product with no issues it was very easy to do.I received another one but had to send that one back because it came either damaged or missing a piece. I’m waiting for my refund now but I would try buying it for the third time because to me it is so easy and very convenient. And the storge it has is wonderful the product folds up. That’s wonderful.

    Lepkicha Adams

  21. Ghast

    It’s faster to hang your clothes outside to dry. I tried little clothes to loading it and it takes about 5 hours to get to damp. I had high hopes for this but I am just disappointed.


  22. Samantha

    This is honestly a lifesaver regardless since I don’t have a real dryer but it does take a long time to dry. A full load takes about a good 5 hours to dry. The more you put in ot the longer it takes. Also, it is not foldable. Still happy with my purchase.


  23. Goldie Irving

    It works great happy I bought it easy to assemble.

    Goldie Irving

  24. Michael

    Great product yes indeed!


  25. Betty

    Drys clothes amazingly, so helpful to have. So happy I ordered it


  26. Diaz

    Excelente puede uno secar hasta la ropa más gruesa. El tamaño de altura y lo fácil de guardar sin ocupar espacio. Excelente producto lo recomiendo


  27. Lorenzo Suarez

    I love it

    Lorenzo Suarez

  28. Jean

    Very useful product. Great for apartments


  29. Geri Price

    Arrived intact and packaged respectfully. Instructions were clear and easy to assemble. Fits perfect in the spot needed. Love the timer so it’s not “on” all the time.

    Geri Price

  30. Hirene gonzalez

    I luv it it is perfect timer adjustable. And dry clothing very good

    Hirene gonzalez

  31. Lacey

    Honestly exceeded my expectations! It’s built well, and the electric dryer portion puts out a lot of hot air. It holds 4 hangers on each arm quite comfortably. Would definitely recommend!


  32. Darlene Ferandez

    It was a lil difficult putting it together but so worth it!! Use the gloves when putting together. Exactly what I needed!!

    Darlene Ferandez

  33. Brittany wheeling

    It is so portable and it is actually a very good decent size once put together. Very easy to put together. The heater is perfect for drying clothes in 20 minutes but you can also detach a use for a house heater. Everything with this kit can be used in multiple ways. Love this.

    Brittany wheeling

  34. J. Gaines

    Worked just as the description said drys clothes is 2 hrs or less if you read the other reviews and do some of there tricks works even better yea it’s made a lil cheap but works hella good

    J. Gaines

  35. Sandy

    Very well made for quality. Not Steel tubes but very sturdy and the plastic parts if take care can last very long. The Heater and control looks Good. Material of the cloth is made very good but not industrial quality.


  36. Natalie Grace

    Drys fast, is quiet, comes with a QR code for a video on how to set it up. Set up took 15 mins TOPS. Definitely happy with my purchase

    Natalie Grace

  37. Jacki Miller

    Product is ok. You’re not going to dry a full load of laundry. That will take a while. Better to do in small loads and use hangers to hang your clothes and then place them on the plastic rings. My cover was the zipper that goes from up to down one way instead of the one where it’s up the middle then splits open. Both zippers came off the track. Other than that, it pretty much does what it’s suppress to do but in small delicate manner

    Jacki Miller

  38. M Benson

    I purchased this product for easy use in an apartment. What I did not expect was the excellent size and use. The ease of setting it up, following the directions and very favorable use of the product was the bonus product. Recommended for anyone who needs just a little bit more. Do not leave unattended. Updating information: this is a great product, I decided to add pictures because everyone should see the size and easy set up as stated before. This sits in my kitchen where everyone can see what is going on, it is an amazing product and as I live in an apartment and this product gives me more options to having a garment ready for me.

    M Benson

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