Salav Professional Series Dual-Bar Garment Steamer with Built-In Ironing Board, Gold

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The Salav Professional Garment Steamer features dual telescopic bar support for stability, four steam level settings for flexibility, and a built-in adjustable ironing board for extra convenience. The adjustable press board rotates from 180 degrees horizontal to 90 degrees vertical and every angle in between to provide you with a strong, flat press surface uniquely shaped for jackets, shirts, blouses, and dresses. The double insulated hose helps maintain steam temperature and regulate surface heat. This garment steamer heats up in just 45 seconds and has an easy-to-fill removable water tank to provide continuous steam for up to 60 minutes.

  • 1500-watt steamer with built-in ironing board removes wrinkles from clothing, drapes, upholstery, and more
  • Portable and lightweight – also great to use on drapes, upholstery, all around the house
  • The ironing board provides a strong, flat press surface uniquely shaped for jackets, shirts, blouses, and dresses
  • Includes 2 hanger clips, pants press, fabric brush, and mini ironing paddle
  • Ergonomic power and steam setting pedals with 4 steam settings (1260 to 1500 watts)
  • Steam-ready in 45 seconds for quick and easy touch-ups
  • Auto shut-off when water runs out or overheats
  • 61 oz. (1.8 liters) the removable translucent water tank provides over 60 minutes of continuous steam
  • 4.6-ft. double insulated hose helps maintain steam temperature and regulate hose surface heat

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  1. Lillian P

    I really like this steamer, I give it 5 stars. It gets out all of the wrinkles. The heat output is excellent it gets very hot, more than a lot of steamers out there. I love it because it does not leave my clothes wet, like a lot of steamers do…you cannot travel with it, but that’s ok because I did not buy it for that reason…I have one for travel that is a small one…I recommend this steamer it is an excellent steamer…

    Lillian P

  2. Amanda C

    It drips water while steaming and leaves burn marks on my employees legs. It also is more of an iron than a steamer.

    Amanda C

  3. Katherine K

    I like this because it’s easy and takes the wrinkles away

    Katherine K

  4. Sophia

    Powerful steam. Adjustable ironing board. Only issue I have is that I wish the other side of the ironing board was flat as well. Other than that. Water tank goes in in the up position. So no water leaking like the pass streamers I’ve had. I love it more than
    any steamer I’ve had. Expensive but worth the money


  5. Linda E

    I bought this for the steamer, felt a bit guilty for spending that much for a steamer (I liked the stand up board) but then my daughter used the ironing feature to iron on her Girl Scout badges. Amazing! The stand up board makes it so easy to steam and iron things, including little kid items! I don’t even ask my husband to iron things anymore, lol. That freedom alone is worth the price. And the steamer works just as it should, so all good.

    Linda E

  6. Yekaterina Pipenko

    Found a prize! After many hours of researching and reading reviews to find “steamer.” I ordered this one and have been using to for hours. It works fantastically! Very comfortable because you have the Head to steam clothing on and this is a very practical well designed and functional steamer. Exactly what we needed for our home and steaming of apparel.

    Yekaterina Pipenko

  7. Yuliia Kadar

    I was very excited for my new steamer machine as my broke after being in use for more then 4 years. I had much expectations for this one but it was so uncomfortable in use. You would have to place the nozzle on the top and the stand, and if you need to switch clothes the nozzle stays on the way. So in order to take one piece of cloth down and put a new one in – you need 3 hands. Or you would hold in one hand the nozzle and with the other hand you will switch the cloth which is very inconvenient. The steam is not sufficient. It’s says that the machine operates at 1800w but it doesn’t seems to be right. My old one had same power of 1800w and you could not place you bare hand no where close to the steam nozzle as you will get burned. With this machine you can easily put your hand palm right next to it and it doesn’t feel too hot at all. You cannot use the vertical stand for pants or kid’s clothes as there is no hangers you can only put adults tshirts or sweaters over the board. But there is no way of hanging clothes onto it. I’m very sad this machine is not working as I was expecting. I was hoping it could make my mom’s life easier.

    Yuliia Kadar

  8. PASCEsty

    It’s very easy to use and the water tank is large enough to allow steaming and ironing of 12 shirts before refilling. It’s much better than the other unit I purchased and returned. Now if they could only figure out how it can steam and iron by itself…..lol!


  9. Janice Taylor

    Love it. C9rd could be longer.

    Janice Taylor

  10. Adrian Rodriguez

    Es un articulo practico y facil de usar.

    Adrian Rodriguez

  11. UT Kilts

    I wanted to like this unit. It looks great and worked great twice. Now, all it does is spew water the whole time I try and use the steamer (use it for 2 minutes or 10 minutes, it still spews water). It does have some great features, though I would like to see a trigger for the steamer. That seems to be a tough thing to get on most steamers. Luckily, I was in the 30 return policy and sent it back. I did contact the company that makes it and they were trying to be helpful. However, I use this for my business and I can’t wait for weeks for them to figure out what is wrong.

    UT Kilts

  12. Adams

    It serve the purpose well, combine iron and steamer together. A little pricy


  13. Gus Ashby

    I bought a couple of handheld steamers, those didnt work. I upgraded to a standing steamer like this one but that also was a hunk of junk. This steamer is expensive compared to the others but this is literally the only steamer that has worked. I use a steamer weekly for my shirts for work. The old steamers I would have to set aside hours to steam a couple of shirts. This steamer I can do a weeks worth of shirts in about 20 minutes. You could probably reduce that timing but i am crazy and i get every single wrinkle out. Dont waste your time with the other cheaper steamers. This is the way to go.

    Gus Ashby

  14. Qrysta White

    Let me start with the Praise.
    I bought a cute coat recently but it’s wool is lousy. An hour of full steam hard ironing with a very capable iron on its hottest setting on my full size ironing board couldn’t remove its creases.

    Moments with this ST 50 and all the creases vanished even the X made by the stay stich of the back hem vent, wooshed right away.

    Water tank easy to remove put back and fill.

    It’s attractive.

    Gets HOOOOT FAST. One review says it doesn’t burn the hand. Mine certainly did!

    Hose comes already attached.

    Now the negatives:
    As many report its too short. My dresses are 44+ inches long. My coats are 50″ long. The men’s overcoats in my family are 60″+ long and full evening gowns are 55″+ long. The maker must think we wear only size 5 minis, shorts and crop tops. A 50″ trench comes to the base. My yellow coat is 44″. To do the bottoms of my garments I have to use this with a full ironing board so I have something on which to apply force for ironing the lower parts of garments. The mini board up high is pointless. It’s only functional for the neckline of my things.

    Also too short are the power cord and the steam hose.

    Be careful using the steamer hanger. It places the wand right by the garment and this thing gets hot in 30 seconds (faster than the manual states) and if you’re not paying attention and you have something on it, you’ll burn up the elbow/waist area of your garments.

    Sadly it doesn’t have wheels. I was able to slide it but wheels would have been far preferred.

    It’s manual wasn’t the best but you’ll get it together in minutes.

    It felt heavy in the box like 25lbs but probably
    is 16lbs. It doesn’t remove from the box piece by piece. You have to pull it all out foam and all in one fell swoop.

    And it would be so much nicer if the POWER ON/OFF was ON THE STEAMER not down by your ankles.

    Qrysta White

  15. Delta

    I purchased this item but returned it. The ironing board surface is almost worthless because it is so small. The unit is not sturdy and is very awkward to use. The cord from the iron to the water tank gets curled up. The iron leaks water all over the clothes when you switch from steam to iron. It sounded like a great product from previous reviews but I found it useless.


  16. Kristen

    -Steam head is absolutely perfect for steaming. It feels “right” in your hands. Really love the design of the head.
    -Steam head somehow allows you to have your bare hands near without getting burnt. Love the head of this steamer!
    -Does not leak and cause water spots on clothing (first use, it might. But after that, it’s pretty perfect.)
    -Built in board which is very much needed for steaming
    -Easy to move even without wheels. Pretty light weight.
    – One fill steams for a very long time. Not sure exactly how long but longer than I expected given the size of the water holder.
    – The board is movable so you can have it at an angle which has proved to be useful.
    – The attachment at the top is great for steaming correctly and the garment laying right.
    -The board is too short. Not very functional for long items such as dresses/coats
    -The back of the board isn’t a board(has moving metal parts on the rear) which causes you to have to move the item around to do the back.
    – The board is somewhat useless on longer items. Wish the board was as long as the unit.
    -Not tall enough. Hurts your back bending over to steam long items. Can use a stand to put the entire steamer on and that takes care of the issue. But still, ideally you’d have an adjustable height that reached fairly high.
    -The placement of the steamer head, if affixed to the side in the carrier provided, is not functional for long items. It sits on the side at the bottom and if you’re steaming a long garment, it gets in the way. You can put the steamer head on the actual unit in the center as well, but because this unit isn’t tall enough it still seems like a weird spot when steaming long items.
    – Would be nice to at least have the option of wheels.
    -Be sure to use distilled water in this unit to preserve the unit and prevent water deposit build up.
    – Use a stand to put the steamer on if it’s too short or hurts your back to bend and steam long items.

    I may return this item as it’s important it is tall enough. I do really like it, however, and think if you were using it just for personal use and not business like we are, it would be nearly perfect.


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