Suleve Universal Faucet Areator 360 Degree Swivel Faucet Bubbler Rotating Mesh Mouth Anti Splash Head Dual Mode Faucet Extender Water Saving Device for Bathroom Kitchen

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Feature :

-Universal rotation 360 degrees to swivel.

-It is more convenient to wash your face and gargle.

-Two water outlet modes.

-Oxygen-enriched foaming, the water is exquisite and splash-proof.

-4 layers of mesh filter to remove impurities.

-Two-layer gasket seals and does not leak water.


In stock

Estimated delivery on 28 June - 1 July, 2024
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Description :

Suleve Universal Faucet Areator 360 Degree Swivel Faucet Bubbler Rotating Mesh Mouth Anti Splash Head Dual Mode Faucet Extender Water Saving Device for Bathroom Kitchen

– Rotate the water outlet 720° it is more convenient to wash your face and gargle!

– Two kinds of water outlet rotary switches, oxygen-enriched foam, splash-proof water, four-layer net filter to remove impurities, and double gaskets to prevent dripping.

Specification :

Name Double Ball Bubbler
Type Type B: M22 (+Adapter=M24)

Type C: M24

Material Copper + Plastic
Control Method Single Handle Single Control
Installation Type Screw In
Surface Treatment Electroplating
Working Temperature 80(℃)
Product Size 5 x 5 x 5cm/1.96 x 1.96 x 1.96”

Package Included :

1 x Faucet Bubbler

More Details:


as pic


screw thread+field joint


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  1. Jack Y

    Easy to install, looks good, with enough accessories, work as expected.

    Jack Y

  2. Peng

    Pretty good quality


  3. Wang

    It was worth buying …………!!! Recommend


  4. Bonnie Baker

    I like this product. I would recommend it to friends.

    Bonnie Baker

  5. Marty V

    ease of instal, work great. 360 degrees of motion.

    Marty V

  6. Mark H

    I have a faucet with a recessed aerator. I must have a short pipe specially tapped different on both ends to use.

    Mark H

  7. Rick N

    Since I don’t have a sprayer this works great.

    Rick N

  8. Bill Coleman

    Getting a five year old
    to brush his teeth

    Bill Coleman

  9. Jackie

    The idea of the swivel and filters are great for the bathroom sink. Less then a month with the product and it is spraying water out of a filter joint everywhere. Waste of money. Horrible quality.


  10. Alphonso gaddy

    Loved it! It was “wow”
    moment, it made washing hands and the sink that much easier, (fun)

    Alphonso gaddy

  11. Martin

    It was easy to install and gave me much more range of motion.


  12. David Baxter

    It’s tight but still use plumbing tape .

    David Baxter

  13. Annejo Shirring

    It does exactly what we wanted it to do. Heavy duty and very handy when cleaning up. A great value! Just took forever to get here!!

    Annejo Shirring

  14. Guillermo Quintero

    Very flemsy. Doesn’t stay in place.

    Guillermo Quintero

  15. Chuck

    The unit works great. Will order more later. The unit keeps leaking at the spigot when installing. One must tighten with a wrench (larger than the one provided). I had to retighten several times until the leak finally stopped. Seems like a good quality product.


  16. Tracey Lloyd

    I often like a drink late at night and because I have cats I don’t keep a glass by my bed. This is makes washing your face, filling buckets for cleaning, washing hair, face etc.

    Tracey Lloyd

  17. Scott

    Easy setup, range of motion worked well, and was easy to access spray and regular faucet stream. Bought as gift and was liked allot. So much I needed to buy (2) more.


  18. Turner

    Better quality fit and finish than I’d expected and does exactly what its suppose to do, installation was simple and came with an assortment of gaskets that worked perfectly.


  19. Joe Britt

    One of my bathroom sinks faucet set too low for me to add water to my purifier. I would fill it up just to spill some. This item saved the day (and water). I can easily fill up the tank with ease and zero waste of water. Great idea

    Joe Britt

  20. Abel Torres

    Fairly easy to install. Took a little adjustment. Still leaks at the joint but not a lot. Over all not a bad buy

    Abel Torres

  21. Tyrone

    This has to be metric size, because it will leak no matter how tight you get it on any standard US faucet. No mater how much plumbers thread tap you put on it, they still leak where you screw onto your existing faucet.


  22. Sheida Mocha

    Best purchase I LOVE mine. Easy to install and works great

    Sheida Mocha

  23. Dawn Doggett

    This item is amazing!

    Dawn Doggett

  24. Joe

    I’m glad a tried this. I can now have my water flow anywhere I need it.


  25. D.Morrison

    I ordered this fixture & didn’t really expect much ~ after all it was so inexpensive. Boy! Were we surprised! It’s so wonderful! I wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner… it works great & has a range of motion, including the fountain position ~ no more germy cups!! YEAH!!!


  26. Robert Helms

    I just installed this gadget. Went in very easy. Waiting to see how long this will last. Hopefully long term.

    Robert Helms

  27. Albert Liu

    Used to improve user experience of Faucet. It turns out to be very fit and firm convenient to turn around the nozzle

    Albert Liu

  28. Miller

    Great buy, good price. Easy to put on. Didn’t really come with instructions but easy to figure out. Just don’t forget where you have it positioned before turning in the water or you might spray it outside of your sink. All in all, great functionality.


  29. Chris

    The joint closest to the faucet loosened up within a week, so it doesn’t stay in the front/ high position, always flops around to the rear


  30. Anthony Tausig

    I love this little gadget, don’t know why I couldn’t find it sooner!

    I will say you might need better Teflon tape as there is a slight drip once installed. I had to install it 2 times to get it to a point that I was okay with the slow drip at the back of the connection. Otherwise, this makes washing hands much easier and washing our dogs paws easier after walks in the city. Absolutely love it, will see how well it holds up.

    Anthony Tausig

  31. Michael

    I’m not sure about longevity since I haven’t had it long, but very happy with it so far.


  32. Dan Benson

    When I first saw this I thought it was rather gimmicky but my wife wanted to give it a try so I got one and found it was very easy to install. After using it now for some months I have to say it’s actually quite useful. My wife is able to twist it to point up like a drinking fountain and I’m able to raise it up to fill a tall bottle in our sink. It’s made from good quality stainless steel and looks good.

    Dan Benson

  33. Chuck D.

    It works great in the bathroom for filling my water pic toothbrush and no more cups to rinse with. If I buy another one I will try the extended model next. If your not careful I suppose water can shoot out of the sink. Just be careful and easy and you will be fine.

    Chuck D.

  34. Michael

    I know how to do plumbing and this should have been a no brainer but no matter what I did this thing leaked when attached. Had to return it.


  35. Bryan Paschke

    It is incredible this small device is versatile and so usefull.
    It improves the water pressure in the sink and solves the problem of the sinks with the water tap too short to use comfortably.

    Bryan Paschke

  36. Tasha Parrish

    I had trouble getting the part to fit my bathroom sink faucet, but managed to finagle it by removing some pieces. It then worked fine and swiveled in every direction as advertised , but I think maybe the angle of my faucet still made it difficult to get the water right to wash my face. I have since replaced my sink basin and faucet hardware, and they now meet my needs. I have donated this in hopes that someone else has an easier time of it than I did.

    Tasha Parrish

  37. Chris R

    If you have well water and no water filtration system it clogs up and requires frequent cleaning

    Chris R

  38. Lola GetzIt

    I love the way this works. Just what I was looking for.
    Packaging was very nice.

    Lola GetzIt

  39. Robert

    I love this faucet sviwel! My kitchen sink does not have a pull out sprayer, so to rinse the entire sink I had to use a cup to rinse the sides of the sink. This device allows me to easily rinse every spot, and as a bonus now I can fit taller pots under the faucet. It also has increased the water pressure so that rinsing and cleaning dishes is faster, easier, and uses less water. This amazing device works perfectly! It has noticably improved my quality of life. I wish I had known about this sooner.


  40. Chris

    It’s smaller than the pic shows. It serves a purpose but could be longer.


  41. Joe Monahan

    Seemed like a great idea but in reality it simply doesnt work. The hinges do not hold the arms of the sprayer in place. So it sags and when you turn the faucet on you find it has rotated to a position that sprays water all over the floor, or – if you are unlucky – directly at your crotch. You can tighten the allen bolts if you have a tiny metric allan wrench but then it’s very difficult to move the arms by hand, and they only stay tight for a couple days at best. So to be usable you have to be constantly re-tightening it. Also, the threads are shallow and cheap so it leaks even with the plumbers tape they provide. Mine sprays a stream of water across the kitchen counter when I use it. Replacing with a simpler unit.

    Joe Monahan

  42. Koohyar Pooladvand

    I bought it and it was easy to install and main thing like washer and wrench were in the package for ease of install. Product seems high quality and sturdy. It helps our short facet to reach a larger range and works well. We are happy using it.

    Koohyar Pooladvand

  43. Dan Southard

    This thing is awesome. No more splashing water to rinse the sink while water is getting wasted flowing down the drain for nothing. This bad boy swivels in every direction imaginable. Swivel and raise up and down as needed to rinse the sink after washing face, hands, hair, beard whatever. Highly recommended

    Dan Southard

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