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  1. Terahertz Wave Cell Light: This is a type of electromagnetic radiation that has a frequency range between 0.1 and 10 THz (terahertz). It is used in various applications such as spectroscopy, imaging, and communication.
  2. Magnetic Therapy: This is a type of alternative therapy that involves the use of magnets to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain.
  3. Electric Heating Therapy: This is a therapeutic technique that uses electrical energy to produce heat in the body. It is commonly used to relieve muscle and joint pain.
  4. Physiotherapy Plates: These are plates that are used in physiotherapy to help improve mobility, reduce pain, and increase strength. They can be used for a variety of conditions such as back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain.

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  • Brand Name: UKLISS
  • Item Type: Electric Heating Therapy
  • Max. power: Less than 1000 W
  • Plug standard: US PLUG
  • Function: Thermostatic
  • Portability: Unfoldable handle

Product efficacy electric heating therapy:

1) destroy harmful cells.

2) strengthen healthy cells and trigger Dormant cells.

3) help the body repair itself.

4) regulate endocrine disorders.

5) improve microcirculation and eliminate water in the body.

Physiotherapy tips for cell thermotherapy.

-Drugs can treat tissue damage, but cannot restore cell damage.

-Cells hyperthermia device directly introduce light waves into the human body,

Automatically identify normal cells to accelerate blood flow-(normal heat dissipation).

It brings a lot of negative ions to cells and solves the excessive state.

Accumulate positive ions in the body to promote self-repair and rebirth of body organs.

-A large number of quanta can be brought to cells by the use of the cell therapy instrument of the THF wave.

-Wake up the body’s absorption capacity and relax muscles.

-Help open internal circulation and filter debris.


Various inflammation

Rhinitis, pharyngitis, gastritis, gynecological inflammation, prostatitis, etc.

Various pain points

Shoulder and neck pain, arthralgia, lumbago, headache, dysmenorrhea, sciatica, etc.

Various blockages

Meridian obstruction, lymph, obstruction, varicosity, diabetes and hypertension.

Skin Beauty

Acne, acne scars, blemishes, anti-aging, beauty, various skin diseases, etc.

Product Description

Quantum health technology makes health maintenance easier

The Physiotherapy Secrets of Cellular Hyperthermia Drugs can treat tissue damage, but they cannot restore cell damage. The cell hyperthermia instrument directly introduces light waves into the human body and automatically recognizes normal cells and accelerates blood flow (normal heat dissipation). Can bring a large number of negative ions to cells, solve the state of excessive accumulation of positive ions in the body, promote the self-repair and rebirth of body organs The terahertz wave cell therapy instrument can bring a lot of quantum to the cell Wake up the body’s absorption capacity and relax the muscles Help open up the internal circulation and filter clutter

Physical therapy instrument

Technology:terahertz wave technology Function: Regulate the micro-ecology. Core technology: quantum technology, terahertz technology, multiple filtering system. Principle and characteristics: Penetrates normal tissues reaches the uncomfortable parts. Abnormal cells absorb excessive energy and heat up and destroy themselves. At the same time, they activate inert cells and enhance the body’s self-healing ability.

Function:Anti-Puffiness, Detox, Nourishing, Skin Rejuvenation, Get rid of cold and dampness, Improve nervous system, Cell repair and protection, Treatment diseases such as turbid phle

ine effects in one


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  1. Luisao

    The product came well packaged, tested, and working. Will continue to use it to see the effects. The only thing is, it came without a manual. You must add manual.


  2. Hung Dang

    I have an ankle that was broken many years ago and it constantly hurts. This does help some with the pain.

    Hung Dang

  3. Mike Rigel

    First of all I was not expecting much but I did experience some much needed relief pain. It didn’t cure anything but it did take away that irritating feeling. Its quite simple to use and comes in various modes. Comes with glasses to keep your eyes safe and you will feel relief after use. Really happy and pleased with the Electric Heating Therapy.

    Mike Rigel

  4. Shari

    As described! Shipping could have been a little quicker as it said it was in the same state not too far away.


  5. Renata

    very happy with item. came very fast.


  6. Ray

    This is definitely good to help cut back on pain. It is small and easy to carry around. Great for beginners this would make a great gift too.


  7. Cone Lang

    My friend recommended this for my arthritis pain and to my surprise it has helped my knuckles and sore muscles.
    I can recommend this as it has helped me.

    Cone Lang

  8. Angela Reed

    Does help with stiffness in my hand.
    It is a bright light so be careful.
    It works if you follow the instructions exactly
    Battery life is real good too.
    A little pricey, but if it helps its worth it

    Angela Reed

  9. Mesh

    I got this for my dad who has arthritis in his neck. It’s so convenient he took with him on vacation. He uses it regularly and is happy so far.


  10. Amanda

    Fast loading, easy to use. I thought it really works. my husband used it and thought it improved his pain a lot. Sturdy and super lightweight material.


  11. Michael McCarthy

    This a great little hand held light that you can use at work, home, or while traveling. I have arthritis in my hands and have been using this along with some arnica cream in hopes of better penetration and pain relief. I do feel a difference with red light treatment for my type of pain, and appreciate that this device has different types of lights on different spectrums. It charges well and stays charged enough for me to use while at my desk. Would recommend giving it a try.

    Michael McCarthy

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