Amazfit GTR 4 Smartwatch Alexa Built 150 Sports Modes Bluetooth Phone Calls Smart Watch 14Days Battery Life

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Racetrack Grey, Superspeed Black, Vintage Brown


Amazfit GTR 4

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  1. Jacob B

    Wonderful watch. Battery is great! On first charge it went more than a month. Still left with 24%. Fantastic applications.

    Jacob B

  2. Frank R

    Over all accuracy of the watch is too good.

    Frank R

  3. Josh B

    Starting off, the design of the device itself is very nice and the watch feels very premium. ZeppOS has very little lag and very feature rich. It felt like my Galaxy Watch5 in terms of features, but nicer looking (in my opinion) and incredibly better battery life. Looking at the rated 14 days, I assumed it wouldn’t have many features or the UI would be very sluggish. The UI is simple, easy to use, and fluid. Everything worked well and seemed fairly accurate.For me there were only three downsides. Two were minor gripes and the other was a dealbreaker. The first gripe is, on android you have to have the Zepp app running at all times in order for notifications to be forwarded to the watch. The second gripe is that there is no setting for your heart rate to be monitored continuously with the shortest interval being 1 minute. The dealbreaker for me was the sleep tracking is not very accurate at all. It would report that I was sleeping as soon as I got into bed. In the mornings, I like to sit up and catch up on notifications and social media, usually 15-30 minutes. It reports this time in the morning as not just sleep, but deep sleep. I have sleep issues I’m trying to resolve so decent sleep tracking is a must.Overall I really wanted this to work for me. If you are looking for a smart watch/fitness tracker, this is the decision to make over any Android WearOS watch unless, like me, you really value sleep tracking. This watch easily punches above its price range and I preferred it greatly over my Polar Ignite 3 Titanium.

    Josh B

  4. Bruce S.

    The watch at China mainland has the function of blood pressure measurement but not at US. I understand that the product needs certification at US but they didn’t inform that. The one thing that truly disappointed me was the map function. They put the picture of map on the watch introduction but the maps only support Android device and are not compatible with iOS.Not sure if they’ll fix it.

    Bruce S.

  5. Michael S.

    Love the watch. It has numerous capabilities to assist with maintaining a healthy lifestyle including admonishing for not. There are several layers of control settings that help you tailor the information to your needs. No doubt there’s a reason the Amazfit brand shows up in several reviews as one of the top smart watches. There is one issue I found on mine as well as numerous other reviews commenting on, and that is regarding not being able to make a phone call from the Top Contacts. After a lot of trial and error I might have solved it. At least it works for me. I noticed when I imported the Top Contact on the watch from the contacts on my phone using the Zepp app (this is the primary control center for the link between your phone and watch) there were a couple of different formats the phone numbers appeared on thewatch. One contact would have just the 10 digits like 1234567890 with no special characters. Another would show up like (123)-456-7890 while yet another would also have a 1+ in front of it all. The Top Contact that had no special characters made the call from the watch just fine. The other formats wouldn’t even attempt a call. So I had to physically edit the numbers I was going to import to my phone, entering each number without the 1 before it or any special characters, just the 10 digits of the phone number. The contacts app still displayed the phone number with special characters but magically the phone number was sent to the watch without them. I now am making calls from my watch without issue. The sound is very good and those I speak to say it sounds great. It takes a little bit of time to edit the numbers in your phone but it might work for you too hopefully.I’m hoping someone affiliated with Amazfit or Zepp is reading this because I would like to suggest that the app be changed to allow us the ability to edit the numbers prior to moving them to the watch or the ability to manually enter them ourselves in addition to using numbers from our contacts. Just a suggestion. Otherwise this is a great watch.

    Michael S.

  6. George

    I’m a big fan of watches, and collecting them.This watch looks great, edgy with a bit of elegance. Well designed. Great purchase.


  7. AliAluwais

    Very high quality and look amazing and I highly recommend it 👌🏼👍🏼


  8. ExploRadven

    Really nice watch. With moderate usage, battery last for about 7-9 days, with may be 1 more day left (8% left). This is with 5+ days per week of GPS usage for about an hour each. I don’t use Bluetooth calling & AOD. There are some skips during swimming laps. But otherwise as a daily use watch it is excellent, with all required features of a smartwatch and some more.


  9. Mark S

    The battery life of this watch is phenomenal…but it may only be that way because it has a fatal flaw if you are going to use it for performance testing. It will only monitor your heart rate at a maximum of once per minute….every other watch I have had measured it continuously. Once per minute is useless if you are trying to gauge the impact the exercise is having on your heart rate. Unfortunately, I am past the return date.

    Mark S

  10. Bryan A

    Love the look and feel of the watch. Thin profile, great display and battery life. Seems to be accurate in steps, cycling, heart rate, etc. My concern is a disconnect from WIFI and the weather complication. I’m often required to manually sync the Zepp app with the watch in order to view weather and reconnect to WIFI. I can’t determine if its a configuration issue, software bug or a hardware problem with the watch itself. My settings to ‘always allow’ and ‘precise location’ are both enabled. iPhone security settings look fine for the Zepp app. Other than those two minor annoyances, its a great watch.

    Bryan A

  11. Jerry J

    first of all Battery life. It hasn’t died on me yet, only have to charge it every few days but it hasnt had a chance to go under 50 percent battery. I keep Bluetooth on to get my phone notifications. Does everything and I expect, even more. good job

    Jerry J

  12. Mike n Manie

    This has been great so far! It’s true that you get less battery with all the health monitoring features active, but still at least 3 days before needing a charge. Some really good workouts too. Expected buyers remorse but I’m really happy with it. It could use some more apps but not wanting for much

    Mike n Manie

  13. David W

    I had an Amazfit 2 GTS Mini for almost 3 yrs and thought it was time for an upgrade. The Mini had a lousy GPS and eratic HRM which was sometimes accurate and sometimes very wrong.In comes the Balance, which fixed both issues. It has a great GPS system and the HRM was greatly improved, but not perfect. For the price I paid and the way it looks, I am a very happy camper. The watch itself isn’t 5 stars, but it was 5 stars for me.

    David W

  14. Jamie

    Numerous reports of the Zepp app for this watch not authorizing connection of alexa. I’m running into this issue and every recommended fix for this issue is not working. This is a bug that needs fixed.


  15. Navin P

    Excellent watch with better connectivity with mobile through Zepp app

    Navin P

  16. Evan

    Lots of features, really great battery life, and the little reminders are helping me be less lazy.


  17. Larry M

    Im definetaly dissapointed, there is no zepp pay app, i cant control the camera with this watch (no camera control), i cant reply messages using a keyboard, i cant see emojis, pictures or stickers, and the Amazfit app is useless u cannot use it to call or answer a message whats the point to have it, is almost 2024 come on amazfit!

    Larry M

  18. Reviewer

    Looks sharp. Tracks a lot of functions. Sleep function tracking hit or miss. Rarely records any REM sleep. I know they have a premium app that costs money per month but I bought the watch and all of the app should be free. Watch wasn’t cheap!


  19. Sof

    The watch has a good quality feeling from the first minute. Elegant, light and good looking. Multiple sensors and measurements available as well as many sports and activities to track. Still need to figure out the settings to optimize battery, but so far looks like it will last over a week without charging with several trackings and connectivity modes ON


  20. Eldon G.

    I have owned several Amazfit watches and have been satisfied. They work well. This model, however, is different due to its shorter battery life. I get two weeks with my GTR4. The Balance at most is four days. That’s a big enough difference that I have switched back to my GTR4.

    Eldon G.

  21. Danoc

    Thought I was upgrading from the Trex2 to this watch. I was wrong. Trex2 had over 2-week battery, Balance is lucky to last a week. Sensors are better and more accurate on the balance. GPS does not work. No EKG, AI features are all paid, so a joke. Had to turn off speaker and all phone features to extend poor battery life and eek out a week. Otherwise only lasted 3-4 days with all features turned on. The most disappointing thing is that the fantastic AmazFaces app does not work with the Balance using Android phones. The Balance uses the Zep 3.0 operating system and was released as a beta. This watch was not ready for release. I would suggest waiting till all the bugs are worked out before purchasing. I wish I had waited. Or chosen another watch. Keeping watch, hoping for software fixes and mostly AmazFace fix. Will upgrade poor rating if it gets fixed.


  22. Patricia N.

    This watch is great! Has all the features, works great and battery life is long! Highly recommend buying this over a Samsung or Google watch. This watch works better overall and costs much less. I like that you only have to charge it once a week on average instead of every day like the other two brands I listed.

    Patricia N.

  23. Ben S

    Does almost everything I want it too. It has awesome battery life. I have a lot of extras turned on and I get about 10 days. My only complaint is no mobile payments in the US yet.

    Ben S

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