Amazfit GTR 2 New Version Smartwatch Alexa Built-in Ultra-long Battery Life Smart Watch For Android iOS Phone

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GTR 2 New Version

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  1. Milton

    Excellent for different types of training, it has good battery life, very beautiful design, a lot of useful functionality. Shipping was too fast and I received a lot before the deadline, I highly recommend both the product and the store.


  2. Blaire

    Bought for my husband: he has never had an Apple Watch, so got this to try out and see if he liked it first. It has a sleek design, battery life lasts almost 3 weeks without charging!!! and yes, it is WATERPROOF!
    You can see who is calling and see text messages, but even hooked to Bluetooth, you cannot answer a call or text back on it. That was a bummer for me, but my husband couldn’t care less. (ha!) He loves this watch, especially the fact that the charge lasts so long. If he had to take it off to charge every couple days, he wouldn’t wear it.
    He has worn it to shower every night (for over a month now,) and also works around water, and watch is fine. I’d give waterproof a 10/10. It counts his steps pretty accurately too.


  3. Michelle V.

    Product exactly as description, very beautiful designer, lightweight, very easy to set up, time before expected and very good seller!

    Michelle V.

  4. Raymond

    I’ve had this watch for 2.5yrs now and it’s still going strong!! Best I’ve used and better than other fancy watches that are 10X+ more expensive! Battery lasts days and recharges fast! You can get alerts for calls and messages (I have it linked to direct calls and texts and WhatsApp), answer or reject calls using the phone, gives current weather when linked to your phone, tracks your cycles etc. Great and accurate at tracking heart rate, blood pressure, sleeping patterns and have good workout tracking options. And my favorite feature that really makes this watch shine is that it’s waterproof! I wear it 24/7, in the shower/bath etc and wait for it for swimming on a regular basis. It tracks laps I swim and after 2.5 years it’s not showing any issues with water getting in! How amazing is that! Not even Apple Watches do that, in fact my iPhone 12 died after a few months of purchase after wearing it around a water park with less than 5 mins of min shallow water submersion! Handles rough wear and tear well too! Looks great, fit and feel is great, works amazing, most durable tech gadget I’ve ever owned, highly highly recommend!!! It really is the full package! Oh and affordable too!!!


  5. Alexis

    At first, we were really happy with this watch. It did a great job of tracking everything and was very user friendly. However, it’s only been a little over a year and the piece that holds the band to the watch has broken. Nothing crazy happened. It literally just FELL OFF. We are very disappointed in this because of that.


  6. Erik

    I bought a TicWatch GTH and really liked it’s simplicity, but it started having problems and it didn’t seem like anyone there wanted to come up with a solution. It mainly didn’t like recording my exercise correctly.

    So I came across this watch and the only thing missing was body temperature which wasn’t important to me. Battery life is similar and so far seems to be about 10 days. The built-in GPS is really nice and has worked perfectly. And there’s lots of great watch faces to choose from. The interface with the app has been very good (no sync problems and stays up to date) and the app hasn’t negatively affected my phone’s battery life. And the app looks good with pleasing graphics and graphs.

    My only complaint is the app is disorganized and things are scattered. I’ve spent a lot of time tapping randomly through different screens to try and find basic things.


  7. Alana D

    I had a Fitbit Charge 3 for a few years. I loved it but every December (the month I got it), it would conviently stop working. Customer service did work with me and gave me another screen the first and second time, but after it happened again this past December while on vacation, I was done with Fitbit.

    I saw this and I didn’t mind the price. I took my chances. Overall, it’s a good watch. I don’t know if it’s the way I set it up or what, but I’m unable to answer on my phone so I’m not a fan of that.

    The band that this watch originally came with didn’t exactly get a long with my skin. I don’t have sensitive skin at all and the band on the watch gave me the worst rash. I bought another band and my rash went away, but things like that don’t happen to my skin.

    I will say, the battery life is good and so is the tracking.

    Alana D

  8. Kat Weyers

    Very good and complete watch, recommend the purchase!! I bought the leather strap and made the watch even more elegant, I recommend buying film and protection for the case for those who use it for physical exercises!

    Kat Weyers

  9. Kim

    Good smartwatch for sports practice, it has GPS and is waterproof, 90 sports modes.


  10. Shana

    I have had this product for two years and am in love with the technology…but unfortunately the bands burn my skin . I’m not allergic to silicone so I’m not sure why, but as long as I take it off every few hours I seem to be okay.


  11. Bertie Ruth Gordon

    This is the second time I have bought the Amazfit watch. Bought my first pair 4 and 1/2 years ago (for my husband and myself) When they started acting up I came back and got another pair. I like the improvements over the older ones we had. The app that goes with the watch is easier to use than the old one. I like the fact that it can track more than one thing like steps, heart rate, oxygen, sleep and stress levels among other things. A very good product for a reasonable price if you are wanting a fitness watch with out extra bells and whistles. I am 63 and my husband is 72 so we are not super up on tech but these watches are easy to use and understand.

    Bertie Ruth Gordon

  12. Schelly L. Wagoner

    Very fast delivery, without any setback. Product arrived as expected and without malfunctions. Recommend the seller.

    Schelly L. Wagoner

  13. Melissa Meske

    It’s not quite as accurate with heart rate and sleep, but I’ll take that over it dying every few months like the previous several Fitbits I bought. My one real complaint is the body of the watch isn’t a solid color, like silver or rose gold, but it has the green on it also. So purchasing the different watch bands are not a great idea because the green clashes. Not a huge negative

    Melissa Meske

  14. Raquel Franklin

    I’ve had this watch for a week and I love it. I previously had the soundpeats watch 1, which is a great product for a third of the price, but this watch has so many more features that make it completely worth it in my opinion – I ended up giving away the soundpeats.

    The battery life on this watch is ridiculous! I easily made it a week and that’s when I was using it more often than normal.
    The screen is vibrant and the touch controls are responsive.
    The water proof rating is at least somewhat accurate as I haven’t done any intense swimming, but it has held up with no problems to showers and rain.
    Messages and notifications appear on the watch clearly and in a way that’s easy to read. You can’t reply to messages, but I believe no other smart watch other than apple’s watch can reply to messages at least when paired with an iPhone which is what I use.
    Another feature I noticed which was subtle and minor but just goes to show how much work was put into this watch is in the workout menu. Weight training was not the first on the workout list – you had to hit “more” then “indoor” and only then could you find weight training. This isn’t a problem, but I would be a slight inconvenience. However, the next time I opened the workout menu, “weight training” was now at the top of the list. Again, this is a very minor point, but in my opinion it shows how much work the developers put into producing a good product that’s enjoyable to use.
    I could go on and on about the features of this watch, but I’ll just summarize – it’s an amazing value and I completely recommend it!

    Raquel Franklin

  15. Kristin

    Light and very beautiful watch, with fluidity in the system generating speed in the clock response


  16. Mario Petins

    Basically, the watch works well, with a 20-day battery it’s not true, working normally receiving notifications only lasts 4 to 5 days at most, I tried to use the integrated Alexa and never found it in the applications, so it’s a lie as they say in the features, things in favor of fast charging in 1 full hour. Very good weight and screen resolution, basic and it works well. I wish they could fix the Alexa thing to make it complete.

    Mario Petins

  17. Jared Cardinet

    The product meets the description is a good watch all functions are correct. I recommend the seller

    Jared Cardinet

  18. Hunter W. Izee

    Had this watch for almost a year and never noticed NOT ever getting phone calls……til now!
    What can I do? The first one I order never came on, now this second NEVER allow calls to come through…

    Hunter W. Izee

  19. Jeramy

    I had a pebble then replaced it with a amazfit bip and also bought a wear os watch. I really like the bip. It’s basic and does what a watch should notifications and tracking. The battery life is amazing. Wear os sucks and the watch battery only lasted a day so never really use it. None of the higher end makers can seem to make a decent watch. I won’t buy a watch if it can’t last a week on battery life. This watch has surprised me. The bip only has a few watch faces some are 24 hr and only a few 12 hr. And the other apps I have used didn’t have many decent designs for what I wanted. The GTS mini has probably 100 plus good watch faces for this watch. Plus you can just set this watch to 12hr and all the watch faces are normal American 12hr. Great improvement amazfit! The watch doesn’t have the 40 day life of the bip but it can go upwards of 21 days. I have tons of stuff turned on. Pretty much all the tracking. Lift to wake and all of the smart stuff. I’ll have to see how long the battery will last like this. Then customize from there to get the preferred 7 days of battery life. It seems I will get about 4 days with everything on. The main functions of a good watch for me is a good watch faces, notifications and good battery life. I won’t buy apple or Samsung till they can figure out to make a watch with a decent battery. This watch looks pretty good. Similar to old square watches that have been around forever. Everything seems to work well and function well. I never rate products very well because most products aren’t very good, but I’m impressed with this.


  20. Carlini

    After using the watch every day for over a year and half. Mine still functions like it did from day 1. I’m now using it paired with an iPhone 14 pro max and I’ve had no issues connecting. Everything functions as intended, screen is bright and colorful, battery last for days, GPS is fairly accurate. I do not use it for answering calls and have that function turned off. So I can’t speak for that.

    FYI my Amazfit Stratos which I’ve owned for over 4 years also still works with No issues. I’m not understanding all these 1 star complaints saying the good reviews are not real, I can assure whoever is reading this that I’m a real customer. That’s what Verified Purchase means!


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