Proscenic X1 Smart Vacuum Cleaner 3000PA Suction High Frequency Vibration Mop with Automatic Garbage Recovery Bucket Radar Navigation…

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1. 30 Days Hands Free Self Empty BaseA fully sealed 3 L dustbag automatically collects dirt and debris from the vacuum saving you from emptying the dustbin for 30 days.The well-designed disposal port works with a high suction collector to mitigate clogging. A UV light in the cabinet effectively sterilizes.bacteria and reduces the transmission of pathogens.
2. Deep Clean withVibright Mop &Strong Suction. Deep clean your floor with 3000 Pa strong suction and Vibright high-frequency mopping system in one go. The pressured mopping pad vibrates 3000 times per minute to scrub away stubborn stains effectively. Three water levels allow you to adjust the mop dampness for different cleaning purposes.
3. NeuVis LiDAR Navigation. The NeuVis LiDAR sensor maps your home accurately, unlocking premium features of smart robot vacuums:It generates an editable map for setting up no-go zones and no-mop zones. It recharges and resumes from where it left off. You can also select a room or area to clean on demand. The integrated LiDAR design makes no laser protrusion on the top. The slim Floobot works elegantly under low furniture.
4. Ultrasonic Carpet RecognitionThe ultrasonic carpet detector boosts suction power automatically for a deeper carpet cleaning when in the vacuum mode, but steers the Floobot away when a mopping pad is attached.
5. 28 Sensors to Be Intelligent. In addition to the NeuVis LiDAR and carpet sensor, the floor tracking sensors enable floor cleaning in neat rows and leave no spot untouched. Anti-collision sensors detect objects and avoid bumping them, while cliff sensors keep the vacuum away from stairs and prevent falling.
6. User Friendly App. The multi-floor function supports up to 5 maps saved for efficient navigation in multi-level homes without remapping. You can customize the Floobot by scheduling cleaning routines by room and area while you are away. The app also tracks the cleaning time and covered area by your Floobot.


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Specification Brand: Proscenic
Product type: Intelligent sweeping robot
Product model: X1
Navigation type: Point laser
Host material: plastic, hardware, silicone
Rated power: 35W
Rated operating voltage: 14.4V
Walking speed: 0.28m/s
Climbing Angle: ≤13°
Water tank: electric control integrated dust box shock
Battery Information Battery type: Lithium battery pack (4 pieces)
Battery capacity: 3200mAh
Rated voltage: 14.4V
Charging voltage: 19V 1A
Dimension Host size: 335*335*74mm
Net weight of a single host: about 7.5Kg
Package Contents 1 x X1 Robot Vacuum(with 2-in-1 vibrative
1 x Auto-empty base
1 x  Power cable
1 x Remote control
1 x  battery
2 x HEPA
2 x Side brush
1 x  Cleaning brush
2 x Mop cloth
1 x  Mop cloth pad
2  x  Dust bag
1 x  User manual
1 x  Quick use guide

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  1. Sam

    I was hesitant about the price, but the Proscenic X1 is worth every penny. The 3000PA suction power is incredible, and the high-frequency vibration mop leaves my floors spotless. The radar navigation ensures thorough cleaning, and the automatic garbage recovery bucket is a fantastic feature.


  2. Sridevi Ram

    The Proscenic X1 performs well with strong suction and an effective vibration mop. The radar navigation usually works well, but occasionally it misses tight spots. The automatic garbage recovery bucket is very convenient. Despite minor flaws, it’s a great addition to our cleaning routine.

    Sridevi Ram

  3. Jim

    With kids and pets, our floors get dirty quickly. The Proscenic X1 handles everything with ease. The suction is strong, and the vibration mop leaves the floors spotless. The automatic garbage recovery bucket is a lifesaver. Radar navigation is precise. This vacuum cleaner is perfect for busy families.


  4. Ken

    Setting up the Proscenic X1 was a breeze. The app is user-friendly and provides excellent control over the vacuum. The 3000PA suction power is fantastic, and the vibration mop cleans deeply. The automatic garbage recovery bucket is a brilliant feature, reducing the need for frequent emptying.


  5. Smeg

    I’m impressed with the Proscenic X1’s cleaning efficiency. The high-frequency vibration mop and powerful suction make a noticeable difference. The radar navigation ensures thorough coverage. The automatic garbage recovery bucket is handy. It’s slightly expensive, but the performance justifies the price.


  6. Lawrence M

    The Proscenic X1 cleans very well, but it’s noisier than I expected. The suction is strong, and the mop does a good job, but the noise level can be distracting. The radar navigation works well, and the automatic garbage recovery bucket is convenient. It’s good, but the noise is a downside.

    Lawrence M

  7. Larissa C

    The Proscenic X1 is perfect for my large home. It covers a lot of ground quickly thanks to its efficient radar navigation. The suction is powerful, and the mop feature adds extra cleanliness. The automatic garbage recovery bucket is a huge plus. Highly recommended for large spaces.

    Larissa C

  8. Zack G.

    This vacuum cleaner is very convenient. The automatic garbage recovery feature saves so much time. The suction power is impressive, and the mop function works well. The radar navigation is generally good but sometimes struggles with dark-colored rugs. Overall, I’m very satisfied.

    Zack G.

  9. Baysia Yosek

    The Proscenic X1 is incredibly smart. Its radar navigation maps my home accurately, and it never gets stuck. The automatic garbage recovery bucket is very convenient. I love how the mop vibrates to scrub the floor, leaving it shiny. It’s a bit pricey, but worth every penny.

    Baysia Yosek

  10. Mocha Java

    I have two dogs and the Proscenic X1 handles pet hair with ease. The suction power is strong enough to pick up everything. The high-frequency vibration mop works well on my hardwood floors. The radar navigation is accurate, though it occasionally misses small spots. Overall, a solid investment.

    Mocha Java

  11. Shirley

    The Proscenic X1 exceeded my expectations. Its 3000PA suction power easily picks up dirt and debris, and the high-frequency vibration mop leaves my floors spotless. The automatic garbage recovery bucket is a game-changer, making maintenance a breeze. Radar navigation ensures it covers every inch of my home. Highly recommended!


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