Amazfit Bip 3 Smartwatch Blood-oxygen Saturation Measurement 60 Sports Modes Smart Watch For Android IOS Phone

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Black, pink, Blue-violet


Amazfit BIP 3

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  1. Howard W. Jacobs

    I have not complaints on this watch nice band the display is great I pair mine with my iPhone works great
    Watch for me holds a good charge time good item for sure

    Howard W. Jacobs

  2. Nicole Lutton

    I found this smart watch to be great for tracking my runs using GPS and also for seeing how long I slept, the quality of sleep and how many times I woke up.

    The watch did stop tracking sleep after 14 months. I contacted customer support, got troubleshooting suggestions but it still doesn’t track sleep. After multiple emails to the company asking if it could be repaired or if the watch typically craps out after a year, radio silent.

    I still probably will buy another amazfit watch since the price point makes a yearly purchase not too terrible.

    Nicole Lutton

  3. Bonnie

    Works well on skin without tattoos. I’m right handed so I don’t like wearing it on my right wrist but have no choice due to having a full sleeve on my left arm. Otherwise easy to use the watch and the Zepp app.


  4. Andi

    It’s advertised as a “mens watch” no. It is small on me and I’m a 150 lbs female. The advertised photos make it look way bigger.


  5. Hannah Kell

    I love the periwinkle blue, it is much much more periwinkle in person. The listing shows it in almost a lavender tone, it’s a bit misleading.
    I do not recommend doing water sports when wearing it. However splashing hasn’t been an issue I wash my hands about 100 times a day. You can quick respond to text messages, you can make your own quick replies with the app and and customize your own watch face. You can silence and forward calls from the watch but cannot answer calls. I work for a cellular sales company and even though we don’t sell the amazfit, it is now my #1 watch recommendation to everyone. Almost wish I made commission on them because I’ve had 4 people came back and show me their watch based on my recommendation and they all love their watches too.

    Hannah Kell

  6. Dayse M.

    El color es como un tono pastel lila muy bonito. La batería dura como 10 a 14 días. Es excelente.

    Dayse M.

  7. Kayleen Kortright

    Best smart watch, battery life excellent. Tracks sleep and all sorts of stuff many cool screen faces 10/10 would recommend

    Kayleen Kortright

  8. Stephanie

    After a year, the watch is still working! Can’t say that for many other watches.


  9. Adrian

    I love it! Awesome watch so easy to set up and manage on a daily basis. It have everything I need to track my health and have control of my improvement!


  10. Rafael

    Hasta el momento todo todo bien sin problema gracias a Dios.


  11. Mario

    This one was for a gift for a friend, but both my wife and I have amafit watches, simply the best bang for the buck.


  12. Denise Watkinsd

    This tracker is lightweight and the battery life is awesome, and it was the main reason I tried this product. While it has a good list of activities to choose from. I like that I can choose to not integrate text messaging and other features I don’t need that on my watch. So far I would recommend this product, though I’ve only had it for a month or so.

    Denise Watkinsd

  13. Curtis Bell

    Works good with my iPhone, not a Smart Watch but it’ll do!

    Curtis Bell

  14. Ethan

    Excellent product


  15. Felipe

    Muy bueno porque es muy liviano


  16. Marka

    I love this over the Fitbit Charge 4, mainly because i was having an allergic reaction to the factory band and most aftermarket bands for the Charge. Second thing i love about the Amazfit is sleep tracking is easier then the Charge. Do Not have to tell oy when i go to bed like i did the fitbit.
    Only ding on the Amazfit is the App is tad bit more confusing then the App for the fitbit.


  17. Nolan

    Very good experience. Excellent functionality at a competitive price.


  18. Linda

    I loved my original watch but I my eyesight was going down hill and I needed something I could see quickly and easily.
    I was doing my steps on my phone but the watch is a bit easier although you may not get all the information that you would like. Once you turn on the steps or any exercise mode you no longer see the time in a large format. It is teeny tiny in the top corner which is extremely hard to read especially in the sunlight. I would like to be able to see the Time in a larger format while it is in the exercise mode. It won’t let you go to that window.
    One other problem: I have to change the watch from one wrist to the other due to developing a skin irritation from the band. Could be just the hot weather. I clean the band and my wrist before putting it on which might help some.


  19. Jacob

    I love this Smart Watch. It provides everything I need and more. I’m going to recommend it to clients and other fitness professionals


  20. Connie L Westpfahl

    Item came early and in good shape

    Connie L Westpfahl

  21. LaVonia Brown

    This Amazfit brand is great. I was a true Fitbit fan, but after having to replace them almost every year, I decided to try something new. I won’t be going back. The app interface is top notch with so many amazing features.

    I would recommend this watch. It is a great watch for a great price

    LaVonia Brown

  22. Deb70

    I bought this to help monitor sleep as well as exercise. There are many features, many of which have a 2 week trial, then comes a paid subscription. My chief complaint is sleep monitoring. 1-2 days per week it doesn’t register my going to bed until 2-3 hrs later. No I’m not laying there awake. So that affects the score as well as doesn’t give me the accuracy I’d like. But then the price is better than some others that died as soon as the 1yr warranty expired. All in all workable.


  23. Linda E

    So far i’m loving this watch. The battery life on it is really good. I feel like I hardly ever charge it which is great for travel. The step count, i’m not sure is accurate. It seems harder to gain steps on this watch. But taht’s not a bad thing in that, it pushes me to try harder to get my 10K. App wise, the Zepp app has been okay, but I haven’t been monitoring my sleep much. Only steps and it’s been fine. Text notifications, I don’t think i’ve gotten them. But it could be because I didn’t turn it on properly. The watch menu is pretty good as you can swipe to access different features. It works like my old watch did- another good but cheapie (the strap broke and like this one- there’s no replacement watch strap. So that might be the only con of this watch.
    I love it, especially when yiou compare it to the price of an Apple watch or a fit bit.

    Linda E

  24. Eli

    I love it


  25. Elizabeth flansburg

    works great

    Elizabeth flansburg

  26. Adan

    This watch is very well designed. I like the the battery last for days and having to charge everyday like my sister’s iWatch. This give you a better continuous profile of your vitals. The screens is very bright and crisp. I thought about getting the Fitbit. I am glad I got the Amazfit.


  27. Jose F. Rodriguez

    This is on Amazfit’s lower end of their price points but it is a great watch. Gives you all the basic information you need. I specially like their sleep tracking, I find the sleep score more useful than an Apple Watch. I love the battery life about a month’s use per charge, your mileage will vary of course but still way above just about any other Smart Watch out there. This is my third Amazfit watch and I am not disappointed. I started with their least expensive watch and have been slowly moving up their price range. I want to clarify that the first two watches after years of use eventually quit taking a charge and that’s expected after years of day in day out use.

    Jose F. Rodriguez

  28. Nolan

    I love the watch. Fast shipping.


  29. Luis

    App is no longer available on the app store so you won’t be able to use it if you have an iphone


  30. Veric

    After tiring of Fitbit nonsense, I like this amazfit as a simple step counter and kind of a sleep monitor. The PAI or activity algorithm seems like garbage. I can sit on my butt all day, get a score of 14, next day, jog 6 miles and get a score of 16. I have NO IDEA what’s going on. Otherwise, great battery and I can put cool custom background screens on watch.


  31. Colleen

    I use this watch a few moths. This is good watch for light measure. For example, for hiking in the mountains it is not possible to measure the height of the rise


  32. Richard Eddy

    The sleeping tracker doesn’t track if you sleep in the middle of the day just only at night. Dies FAST. Says water proof but then in the manual says don’t shower with it.

    Richard Eddy

  33. Yutrina Mathis

    For most part works well but doesn’t always stay connected to my phone.

    Yutrina Mathis

  34. Colleen Martin

    I bought this for my husband as a gift and he loves it. We did go to our phone store for set up
    It’s a great price and works well.

    Colleen Martin

  35. Tim G

    Only con automatic Heart rate reading may record a little high but every time I manually press measure it shows accurate.
    Sleep measure is gr8. It records naps during the day which others don’t. I work nights so it is needed.
    Blood pressure must be manually imputed in order to track.
    It somehow records treadmill walking workouts when my arms are stationary on the pulse pads of the treadmill -slightly off but my inputted stride length could be off be an inch or two since I guessed.
    Some online reviews bitched that China was going to steal my data but I’m not that secretive or paranoid

    Tim G

  36. Robert H

    I’ve had this watch a month so far and it’s great. It’s lightweight, battery power lasts forever, it has everything in the watch like the more expensive ones. They also have changeable straps.

    Robert H

  37. Corinthia Volney

    Works perfectly. My only problem is that the band irritates my skin and I’ve only had it for less than 24 hrs.
    I may have to give it away but it works as it should

    Corinthia Volney

  38. Sharon Batson

    I didn’t want to pay the high cost of an Apple watch and I am so glad that I bought this watch. Excellent watch….I can go about a week before I have to recharge it. It alerts me about texts and phone calls. However, sometimes I turn my wrist and the time doesn’t come up but I can handle that.

    Sharon Batson

  39. Marcel

    I gifted this to my girlfriend and she loves it, her only issue was that the sleep tracking was very inconsistent.


  40. Liam

    The advantages of this watch are that it is affordable, good-looking and lightweight with long battery life, short charging times, and a nice user interface.

    However, I upgraded to this watch from an earlier Amazfit band specifically for better tracking runs, other fitness activities, and sleep. Across the board, the sensors seem flawed or limited. A few examples:
    – For runs, the distance clocked on the watch are literally miles off. If I run 4 miles, it will say 2.5 miles.
    – For sleep, the watch does not seem to be able to distinguish from time spent reading vs. when I’m actually asleep, causing it to consistently overestimate my sleeping time and quality.
    – For walking, it doesn’t seem to count any steps if I’m moving about with something in my hand, whereas it seems to think I’m walking (and counts “steps”) if I’m folding laundry or something.


  41. Billy

    my wife wanted this, it is a budget one, but far better than we had imagined, plenty of functions, seems accurate step count wise, has a good sleep app on it, and the battery last for nearly a week, happy days!, a good purchase i am told


  42. Mark R

    It is lightweight, comfortable, the battery lasts a long time, the zepp app is great, and the watch faces are plentiful and easy to find for free (Amazfaces). I have owned a Galaxy watch and a Fitbit and I have friends with the Apple watch. I would take this watch over any of those!

    Mark R

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