Redragon M806 Gaming Mouse, 7 Programmable Buttons Wired RGB Mouse, Software Supports DIY Keybinds & Backlit, Black/White Mouse

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  • Pentakill, 5 DPI Levels – Geared with 5 redefinable DPI levels (default as: 500/1000/2000/3000/6200), easy to switch between different game needs. Dedicated demand of DPI options between 200-12400 is also available to be processed by software.
  • Take The Advanced Shot – All 7 programmable buttons are all editable with customizable tactical keybinds in whatever game or work you are engaging. 2 side macro buttons offer you a better gaming and working experience.
  • Comfort & Natural Grip – Following the natural structure of the human hand, the M806 is perfectly shaped for long-lasting use. It makes you easily to handle am to pm gaming parties or overtime & overdue work with less fatigue.
  • 5 Decent Backlit Modes – Turn the backlit on and make some kills in your gaming battlefield. The hyped dynamic RGB backlit vibe will never let you down when decorating your gaming space, it would be better with other Redragon accessories with lights on.
  • Uncompromised Driver Support – All 7 buttons, media, DPI settings and 16.8 million color lighting effects are all customizable with Redragon dedicated software. Pre-aim your opponents and get overwhelming to the victory in your exactly wanted way.


Black, white

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  1. Raven

    It was just to small, if you have extra large hands and looking for a larger mouse, this is probably not it.
    It connected fine, and moved smoothly but i had to return it because it was to small.
    He was looking for something that was big enough that his pinky didnt fall off and just drag.
    I have nothing bad to say about the mouse it self.


  2. Chris T

    Great mouse I like it so far. If you want the mouse software to program marcos and other buttons please email the seller they should probably send that information with the mouse it would reduce returns. They could send the software on a little drive like utechsmart did with their mouse.
    Software not the best but so far it doable.

    Chris T

  3. Maxwell Corbin

    Definitely bigger than other mouses I’ve had before, but once you get used to it, it’s pretty good.
    Downloading the software from the website is a must. It allows you to rebind the buttons, change the light colors to whatever color you’d like, and change dpi (speed of the curser).

    By default, the mouse is set where the two buttons below the scroll wheel adjust dpi up and down; however, I would very much recommend unbinding them so you are not constantly accidently changing dpi. The number keys on the side are set by default to the actual number keys, so if you click “1” on the mouse, it will be the same as pressing “1” on the keyboard, so this is something to keep in mind when thinking about in-game key binds.
    You may rebind any of the mouse keys to whatever you’d like, you can even do combinations; for example, you could rebind the number 4 button on the mouse to instead do “control + z” when pressing it, or anything of the sort.

    Maxwell Corbin

  4. Ülfberht

    I bought this mouse because I liked reddragons MMO mouse with the 12 number buttons on the side but eventully got rid of it because it didn’t have forward and back buttons, well this one does!

    It feels good in the hand it’s big but not huge and the scroll wheel isn’t super loud like my Logitech that all my discord friends complain about, also the side numbers are easy to click and the forward and back are amazing!


  5. Byg Skitt

    So I have had this for a bout a week now and I personally used about all the buttons now on COD, Ghost Recon and even began using it on GTA.
    I enjoy being able to have all the access at my finger tips just like using a controller. Between this and my tartarus makes gaming with K&M much easer.
    I give it an overall 4 out of 5.
    4th star is because of ease of gaming and software use.

    Byg Skitt

  6. Sebastian F

    Red dragon truly makes some amazing products

    Sebastian F

  7. Cliente de Kindle

    Muy bueno, cumple perfectamente con lo descrito
    Cabe destacar que no es Bluetooth

    Cliente de Kindle

  8. TK

    I bought this mouse for work PC use. My company does not allow to install software for mice/keyboard so it is great that the mouse has onboard memory that can store macro too. However, the mouse itself is little too big and heavy to use for my specific purpose. As much as I liked features but had to return it as I am not able to use well.


  9. Jessica

    I recently got back into Call of Duty and had to replace my mouse. At first I was uncertain of what mouse I wanted. I looked at others similar to this, but with more side buttons.
    So I figured I’d give this a try.
    I’m glad I did.
    The mouse is a little big for my hand but my long fingernails don’t get caught in the scroll wheel, which is exciting for me.
    As far as Call of Duty, the side numbers are still a bit for me to get use to, but are extremely useful and will come in handy when I play other games.
    If you’re looking for an upgrade or need a new mouse for gaming, i suggest giving this a try especially if it will be your first time with a mouse like this.


  10. Brandon Counsil

    I bought this mouse for productivity not for mmoing LOL. All the extra buttons make my tasks simpler. It is much more comfortable than a regular Mouse but I do find my hand sliding out of place the only Improvement needed would be some sort of grippy texture on the mouse.

    Brandon Counsil

  11. Holli campbell

    Its hard to find a mouse without 12 side buttons so this is exactly what I was looking for!

    Reading the instructions to download the software was pretty straight forward and the software itself makes it pretty easy to customize the mouse. Plus among the preset light colors you can choose from whatever color shade you want in the colors panel (Just in case that purple isnt the right shade of purple you want!)

    I cant complain about the size either as its also perfect. Past mouses ive found “uncomfortable” because of the way they are designed and are a bit smaller so I would have to keep readjusting my hand. This mouse is big enough where my hand rests comfortably!

    Holli campbell

  12. Juan Zary

    I really enjoyed the mouse as it feels like it has a good finish, not excellent but good for the price. Also the rgb lights are nice and fully customizable. The buttons feel good to the touch and has given me a good experience in games like world of warcraft, overwatch, league of legends and also in my work and studies, among others. The only downside I had was that the program to edit the buttons and rgb lights stopped working for no apparent reason. However I contacted support and they sent me a replacement shortly at no cost.

    Juan Zary

  13. W. G. Butler

    This mouse is very nice looking. The flashing colors along the bottom and side buttons make it easy to see not only the buttons but allow you to keep track of your position along the mouse pad. They are not distracting in the least bit but enhance the whole feel of the mouse. It sits well in my palm and ALL the buttons are easy to reach. Buttons have instant response times as does moving the mouse itself. But there really isn’t a lot of mouse movement required as the DPI is great on this thing and it definitely reduces the strain on my wrist of some other mice that require a lot of wrist action and mouse pad space. Overall, a great buy at an affordable price. P.S. About ten years ago, I had a Razer Naga that cost three times the price of this one. It lasted little over ten months before the buttons no longer responded. Not wanting to spend dollars on another Razer, I gave Red Dragon Perdition a try and never looked back. My first one lasted well over five years and I’m still using the same mouse I replaced it with – another Red Dragon mouse. These things are built to last!

    W. G. Butler

  14. Dario Sanchez

    I love mouse with this type of ergonomic after having a crappy mouse with similar ergonomic and this one is like that but not crappy

    Dario Sanchez

  15. Darth Skywatcher

    When you have large hands and the mouse fits, you don’t quit.

    Buttons work just fine.
    —Don’t forget the MMO buttons are mapped to numbers by default and they work—
    This happens ALOT of you’re used to squeezing the mouse during intense situations

    Darth Skywatcher

  16. Kevin Bell

    I originally gave this a one star review because I had the wrong software. Now that I have the correct software, I really love this mouse. It works exactly as it should. It took a little while to dial it in, but now it moves exactly as I want it too. I would give it 5 Stars, but I’ll only give it 4 because the download link should be easier to find, or maybe even included with the mouse. Also, the software isn’t scalable, so it looks EXTREMELY small on my 4k monitors.

    Kevin Bell

  17. Steve

    One thing a lot of advertisers miss is advertising for hand size for mice. This is important. So important some companies make the same mouse in small/med/large sizes. Well, since they didn’t I ended up ordering this and immediately returned it. Definitely for larger hands. I wear a med in most glove sizes (US). Also, doesn’t appear to be very good for claw grip.


  18. Michael Park

    I got this mouse to play an MMO that requires a few macros. Each button on the side can be set to an individual key or a macro can be programmed. The DPI is easy to set on the fly.
    The two things I dislike about the mouse are it’s weight and where my ring finger rests. The mouse is too light, in my opinion, and this one doesn’t have the weights you can add. Where my ring finger rests, there could be a rubber pad that increases friction there. Because of the buttons on the side, you can’t really grip the mouse well against your thumb and side of your ring finger like a regular mouse. This causes you to rely on the the heel of your hand and the tip of your ring finger (I’m trying to describe this, but it’s difficult unless it’s in your hand.) The point where your ring finger grips is slick, so if there was a rubber pad there, it would be better.
    Other than those small complaints, it’s a great mouse and the software is user friendly.
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    Michael Park

  19. Harit Kumar

    I have been using it for a while now and, it this mouse has been my absolute favorite. Very comfortable for working or even gaming for the longest amount of time.
    The Rgb lighting ia wonderful and the extra keys does help a lot in bunch of different things. Must buy.

    Harit Kumar

  20. Steve O

    Going to say it outright this mouse ticked all the boxes for me. Use it mostly for playing wow. The have the 1-6 buttons bound on the side are a big help. Feels solid for casual PC stuff aswell just a great ergonomic mouse.

    – Amazing economics for large hands. Tapers up from fingertips to a high palmed rear.
    Great for long gaming sessions.
    – Weight is balanced to the rear makes readjusting feel seem less.
    – pretty typical slide pads on bottom
    – software works fine for RGB and Marcos
    – solid clicks from all buttons.
    – RGB looks alreally nice.

    – plastic feels almost premium.
    -scroll wheel is accurate but feels a bit lacking.
    – wireless range was a bit weak had to move the receiver to the top of my tower instead of behind.
    – sensor does not like debris on mousepad. Keep the Doritos away.
    – not really a con but I wouldn’t recommend for FPS games.

    Steve O

  21. Nyasia Martinez

    The only reason I am not giving this mouse 5 stars is because you cannot change the color on the scroll wheel, which I was unaware of prior to purchasing. The scroll wheel color stayed mostly red for me but there was a time it changed to blue but then back to red and I could not replicate that.

    Nyasia Martinez

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