Redragon M916 PRO 3-Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse, 49G Ultra-Light 26K DPI Full Programmable Buttons Gamer Mouse

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【Product Features】

  • 3 Modes Connect Tech – Cables truly will affect your detailed battle reaction, M916 geared with BT and 2.4Ghz nano receiver offers you the purest and preciser mouse moving experience and hype your KDA rise again.
  • Pentakill, 5 DPI Levels – Geared with 5 redefinable DPI levels (default as: 1000/2000/4000/8000/26000), easy to switch between different game needs. Dedicated demand of DPI options between 100-26000 is also available to be processed by software.
  • 49 Gram Lightweight – Coming in hot is the LIGHTEST Redragon mouse, selected ultra-light materials and well-crafted form to offer the fastest, cleanest, and fully controlled mouse using. You are controlling the mouse with no hassle and no extra effort.
  • Take The Advanced Shot – 5 programmable buttons are all editable with customizable tactical keybinds in whatever game or work you are engaging. Default 2 side buttons will get you all covered, hit your hotkeys/keybinds faster than ever with M916.
  • Comfort & Natural Grip – Following the natural structure of the human hand, the M916 is perfectly shaped for long-lasting use. It makes you easily to handle am to pm gaming parties or overtime & overdue work with less fatigue.
  • Uncompromised Driver Support – All buttons with hotkeys, media, DPI settings are all customizable with Redragon dedicated software. Pre-aim your opponents and get overwhelming to the victory in your exactly wanted way.

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  1. Kris Kwasny

    Switches are tactile and precise; the scroll wheel is tight, serrated, and very smooth. Its movement is accurate and is perfect for everyday use. You can connect the mouse with cable, with BT, and a 2.4Ghz nano receiver. This is the LIGHTEST mouse I ever owned.
    Bluetooth pairing was quick and easy. Customization of 5 DPI levels is perfect. Generally, it’s a great device. I highly recommend this M916 PRO mouse for everyday use.

    Kris Kwasny

  2. Jack R

    This is a really nice quality mouse. Easy to connect to PC. I already have a keyboard that I love from Redragon so the brand has earned my trust as a good one.

    Jack R

  3. B Jackson

    They aren’t lying when they call this “ultra-light”. Coming from a Logi G502, that thing is like a brick compared to this. I just used it for a few hours playing Cyberpunk 2077 and it handled everything like a champ.

    My only complaint is the clicking of the buttons sounds “cheap plastic-y” and hollow, if that makes sense. Doesn’t sound like a quality build, even if it is. It’s a little off-putting. Otherwise, good mouse.

    B Jackson

  4. Ronnie Krazy

    I am used to having light gaming mice these days, which is a polar opposite from the mice I used to use. I used to love the mice with a million buttons on them for MMORPG’s (and I still do sometimes) but this mouse in particular feel comfortable and still has the extra buttons to make life just a little bit easier when browsing or being productive. Definitely a good buy.

    Ronnie Krazy

  5. Joseph

    I wouldn’t mind a backlight, but that would add some weight. I measured it to be 50g. Its classic shape could easily blend into an office environment. The dpi switch is on the bottom, and it does have a small light to indicate which setting you are on. The manual suggests there is a place on the bottom of the mouse to store the USB receiver, but that might be a mistake. At least, I couldn’t find a spot for it. That doesn’t bother me because I intend to keep that plugged into my computer. It also comes with an adapter so that you can plug the receiver into a USB-C port. I like that I don’t have to connect via bluetooth as it saves bandwidth for other peripherals. I love that it’s rechargeable, so I don’t have to replace batteries. It comes with a nice, fabric-covered cable that you can use for charging or a wired connection, and it’s wrapped in a velcro strap for cable management. Also included are some bonus Redragon stickers. It slides smoothly across the desk and the buttons have a nice click. Both the product description and the manual say that further customization is possible via software, but I couldn’t figure out how to download it. I didn’t see this mouse listed on the Redragon website yet. Maybe that will come later. It’s not a feature I really need, so I didn’t dig too far. Nevertheless, I really like this mouse and recommend it unless programmability is critical to you or you want RGB lighting.


  6. Hotwirez

    This mouse is a featherweight champion. It weighs only 50g, according to my scale, and has a pretty great battery life. The build quality is solid and sturdy, but the packaging is a letdown. The mouse comes in a nice box, but inside it is a flimsy plastic tray that looks cheap and tacky. It doesn’t match the quality of the mouse.


  7. Calvin C

    Extremely lightweight and easy to connect. I used the bluetooth to connect to my apple mac. I love that I am able to turn the mouse off when I do not need it to preserve the battery and when I turn it on it immediately reconnects to my mac. The dpi settings are easy to change just a click of a button and the scroll wheel works great as well. Overall I would recommend and the pick color is super cute.

    Calvin C

  8. Christian T

    I really like how this mouse feels in my hand. I have been using an old Logitech G5 because of my big hands, and this Redragon also fits my hand quite well. The light weight, and extremely flexible cable give it a good, highly responsive feel. I would have no problems using this mouse for an extended period of time.

    If I were to nitpick anything, its that the DPI switch is on the bottom and not accessible on the fly, and that there is no side scrolling capability.

    Overall, I really like it and can recommend it for someone that has big hands like me.

    Christian T

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